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Custom Susanoo/Jutsu
(Doujutsu: Hosusanoo) – Eye Technique: Fire God of the Storm
Rank: S
Type: Attack/Supplementary/Defense
Range: Short – Long
Chakra cost: 40(-15 per post)
Damage points: 80(-20 to user per post)

Description: This doujutsu creates a gigantic humanoid spirit to emerge around the user that wields a chakra katana that is sheaved on the waist and bears a chakra shield on his back for defense S rank and below techniques. Unlike the normal Susanoo, instead of flesh from the bones, the rest of the spirit is made of fire capable of melting steel with ease, hotter than that of amaterasu. The bones are able to stop S ranks just like normal Susanoo, to the same extent, but the flames are able to stop any wind technique, whereas the normal susanoo seemed weak to wind. This Susanoo is also capable of manifesting fireballs that can be used to throw at an opponent and can be used multiple times. These fireballs are the size of a Oodama rasengan and count as one of the 3 jutsu per post

Note: The restrictions of the Susanoo are the same as the canon one, the only difference is, the user is more vulnerable to water jutsu and more resistant to fire jutsu.


(Doujutsu: Hisaki no Joucho ) – Eye Technique: Flames of Emotion
Chakra cost:40
Damage Points:80(-3 each post its still on opponent)
Descripton: Wherever the eye focuses on there will be a convergence of the Flames of Emotion. This fire can only be controlled by Natsu and is as strong as dragon flames. It's called the Flames of Emotion because Natsu created this fire technique out of love for his dragon "father", Igneel.This fire is so powerful that is will burn for three days and is strong enough to melt almost anything like Amaterasu. This burns for up to 3 turns and is unblockable as it converges on the target like Amaterasu. Like amaterasu, these flames can be shaped by the user as it forms, and can coat the bones of the "Fire God of the Storm" without damaging it.

Note: This is just a variation of Amaterasu and the same restrictions apply on the limitations of useage and how it makes the user's eye bleed.

(Doujutsu: Doragonkokudo) - Eye Technique: Dragon Realm
Chakra Cost:40
Damage Points:80(-20 to user per use)
Description: The illusion takes place in the mind of the one affected, while under the jutsu the victim is at the total mercy of the user. This is a variations to Tsukuyomi where the target is bound in an illusion where they are unable to move their body from the moment the gen is in place. Then flames will form from their legs up burning them with intense heat as the flames spread up their body quickly like they are covered in oil. This make the target feel intense pain as they feel they are being burned alive. As they are, a huge dragon rises out of the ground infront of them destroying the earth around as it does so, releasing a giant blast of fire from it's mouth at the target as they cry out in pain. Once this genjutsu ends the targets body will the effects even though it was an illusion, just like Tsukuyomi when it was used on kakashi.

Note: Leaves the opponent asleep for 3 posts(unblockable and irreversible).
Note: The drawbacks are the same as Tsukuyomi