Well I took a break from investigating the Great Teddy Bear Mystery to venture down into my laboratory today. I woulda christened the lab days ago but I got lost in cataloging my birthday prezzies and playing detective that I just couldn't find the time.

On that note, no leads yet on who was in my bear mausoleum, but I'll get to the bottom of this! Don't you worry!

MY LABORATORY! Boy that has a sweet ring to it, doesn't it?

I was hoping Kai or Drakie or one of my many other boos and ghouls would join me but oddly enough, they all had plans. Must be important to pass up a chance to witness history in the making, namely me christening my lab! The first time they got to see it was when mom had everyone in my booday party escorted down to see it for the first time and oh I saw the envy! (heh heh)

So down I went to the depths of the castle to where mom had the lab built. Pity one of her orc guards had to accompany me but when I asked him why, all he'd say is he drew the short straw. Weird, huh?

But I unlocked the door to MY LAB (!!!) and I slipped on my white jacket (that every mad scientist needs) and got on my gloves and to work I went! I just looked about and I think I got a bit distracted inspecting all of the stuff all over again. There were all the cool beakers with all the colorful and bubbling stuff in them. Some had twirly tubes connected to other tubes and beakers and there was the operating table and chains and manacles attached to the wall and a bookcase with a bunch of mad science texts Mister Hackington helped mom pick out and .... well you get the idea! I mean everyone knows what a mad scientist's lab should look like.

I *think* I have everything a boo could want in one.

I lit all the burners so I could kick it up a notch, and I could have sworn I heard the orc whimper. I don't think anyone's ever heard an orc whimper before. Soon as all the bases started a bubbling I popped my cabinet of goodies open and got out all the powders and potions. (I wish mom labeled them! I might have to invite Doctor Merha over to identify them.) I started pouring the powder and potions into the bubbling good stuff and they REALLY started to froth and churn and I got all excited for the inevitable ka-BOOM... when the bubbles just fizzled out and .... nothing else happened.

What did I do wrong? Where was the ka-BOOM? There was supposed to be a castle shaking ka-BOOM. Hm, this calls for a professional's consultation. Time to call Doctor Merha!

Never saw an orc smile before either.