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I Am Named: Alethea Emlen

But I Am Also Called: Stalker in the Shadows, Shadow Stalker, or sometimes even just Stalker. Formerly known as Alethea Von Hattchet, heir to the Northern Tribes until she ran away to become a rebel.

This is What Runs in My Veins: Human

I'm Pretty Sure That I'm: Female

I Was Born A While Ago: 23 years old

I Was Born In: Bar'rok

They Have My Loyalty: The rebels and some lingering feelings of loyalty to the Northern Tribe

Watch Me: She has an uncanny talent for marksmanship. Her arrow rarely, if ever, misses its target. Alethea is one of the only bow snipers in the kingdom, able to shoot an arrow through an enemy's eye at 250 paces. She is also a skilled swordsman, carrying two short swords on her person in addition to her bow and quiver. Despite her naturally smaller stature and slim frame, Alethea can go toe-to-toe with trained soldiers in a sword fight. Aside from these skills with weapons, she can also blend well into forests and large cities, climb both trees and buildings in a flash, evade enemies in both combat and a chase with ease, and run for miles at a time. She learned at a young age to hunt animals and then realized how to apply the same skills to people. Since joining the rebel cause, Alethea has learned how to infiltrate enemy cities and gather information by observation, threats, and wheedling. Though she will always be at home in the forests of her birthplace, Alethea sees the similarities between large, bustling cities and her labyrinthine forest home and has learned to apply her woodland skills in urban areas as well.

I Can Do This: Alethea has forsaken all magical skills she could have ever had in favor of developing her more natural skills, seeing the effort and cost of learning magic as too great. Instead, she focused her efforts on learning as many physical skills as she possibly could.

You May Need to Get to Know Me: Alethea is a distant person. She does not make friends as she remains too focused on the goal of overthrowing the Emperor of Menoas. She is a dedicated warrior and not lacking in intelligence by any means, Alethea simply prefers to put her efforts toward things other than socializing. This is not to say that she cannot socialize if the occasion calls for it, she can. Alethea just prefers not to. Plus, her air of superior haughtiness usually reserved for royalty, a leftover trait from her days with the Northern Tribe, tends to put other people off.

Alethea is also impulsive. Once she makes a decision she takes off with it. Sitting still and planning or thinking things through does not suit her in the slightest. She would much rather be out doing something, whether that be gathering intelligence or destroying one of Menoas' caravans.

Help Me: Anyone who actively rebels against Menoas and its Emperor

Don't End My Life: Menoas for one, also anyone who is satisfied with Menoas' rule or chooses not to take a stand against it.

Take A Look in My Hand: A bow and two short swords

My Story is Sordid: Alethea's life began normally enough. She was the first-born daughter of the Northern Tribe's chieftain and lived a fairly privileged life. She even got along well with her sister, Wen, for a time. Then, when Alethea turned thirteen, she began to realize how many restrictions were put on her because she was a female among the Northern Tribe.

Annoyed by this treatment, she spent one long, horrendous year attempting to change her father's mind and get him to allow her to pursue other things besides cooking and stitchery, but the Chieftain would have none of it. So, three months after her fourteenth birthday Alethea ran away from home to join the rebels.

At first, she cared nothing for the cause the rebels served, only seeing them as a way to express herself freely. Then, Alethea learned of the truly horrible things that had happened in the past and the genocide committed by a former Menoas emperor. So, it became that Alethea took up the cause of vengeance as her own.

Now she roams the United Land of Xanion seeking any possible way to bring down the Menoas regime. Currently, Alethea has found herself in Menoas, poking around the city searching for something.

They Travel With Me: Alethea has a trained hawk that helps her hunt and occasionally will assist in battle. His name is Makya. She also will occasionally have a rebel partner or partners for certain missions, though this hasn't happened for more than two years.

Oh, That's Right: Alethea was disinherited when she ran away from home. The Northern Tribe presumes her dead since they haven't heard from nor caught sight of her since her departure, though she has been back several times to check up on the tribe. Also, Makya was given to her by her teacher among the rebels, who helped her train the chick.

I'm Not in Control: AranthianPrincess