You used to make me happy
Always putting a smile on my face
You used to make me laugh
Never letting me be sad
You used to make me believe in myself
With all the compliments you gave
Your heart used to be mine
But now I see it never was
Now all that’s left are tears
You leave me in sorrow
You left me with broken promises
With a heart that is shattered
My once colorful life
Has gone back to black and white
You’ve given me nothing but sadness
Nothing but pain
Left me to wonder
What have I done wrong
In my eyes I see your not hurting
I see that unlike me
Your done and over
Why does it seem like I am the only one
Who was left to suffer
The only one…
Who was left in tears
The only one left with a broken heart
The saddest part is…
Even though you left me in tears…
Even though you left me in sorrow…
Even though you’ve broken your promises…
Even though I am in pain…
Even though you shattered my heart…
I still love you