Alright. Again, I'm back to the beginning of this series. I've done a lot of mulling over it, and I've finally just received the motivation to start it over and take it a lot easier. Gonna tone down the amount of characters by a lot, make the plot less grotesquely symmetrical, and give the characters more personality. There'll still be quite the lot of characters, but nowhere near half as much as I intended for the previous version of EC.

A quick note that Ethereal Cross and Spirit Cross are entirely different. Spirit is strictly bound to my fan fiction stuff while Ethereal is on its own. Granted, these two take place in the same location, they happen in different dimensions. A lot of the Earth characters are different. Cruce is the same for obvious reasons. Topher is not the same as his SC counterpart. Circle characters will remain (Cruce's group of friends), with the exception of a couple. And get this, the Eclipses are actually the Eclipses. Rather than it being some random new people.

Here's a list:

Earth set:

Cruce Maximilius - Neutral
Topher Reigh - Neutral
Keagan Thiago - Neutral
Jasmine Ire - Neutral

Safa set:

Safiri Taira - Light
Rilia Ami - Light
Slianna Feisa - Light
Drilion "Ice Fox" - Darkness

Soren set:

Kutzu Aria - Light
Princess Haya - Light
Ressa Freewind - Light
Lea Fallsong - Darkness

Fusion set:

Glitra Synder - Light
Floe Firrow - Light
Terrah Striker - Light
Occulu Tabula Rasa - Darkness

Euphony set:

Amen - Light
Rush - Light
Lavender - Light
Sync - Darkness

Almighty set:

Aether - Light
Naught - Darkness

There will be more minor characters who play a bit of a role. But unlike last time, I won't make a huge portion of them major characters. I'll be drawing small portraits for each of the characters listed above, with the exception of Naught and Aether. (maybe)

So yeah, let's see where this one goes.