There's this girl. A small piece of Cheese.
To me she's the world. A friend anyone would
wish for. A dedicated one. Loyal, honest,
adorable. She really does mean the world to
me. She's like a friend, but more. Better
than a love, and closer than a sister. If
anything happened to her, I don't know how I
would face the world. If anything or anyone
hurt her, my rage would consume me until they
feel the pain she and I both felt. This girl...
honestly means everything to me. I want a
future with her. I want to share memories with
her. I want to be with her. I want her to feel
on top of the world, and I want her to be spoiled.
We're making a list of things to do in the future.
Silly things, like running around with capes and
acting like super heroes. Taking floating sharks
on walks. Eating all the food in the world, and
travelling it. I don't know our relationship--
No. I do. It's indescribable. You can't put a
label on it. No. You can't. There's nothing that
can describe our relationship. I love her. She
means a lot to me. And to be honest? Words can't
explain what I feel for her. She's just... always
there and never gone, no matter how many painful
days we spend apart. I love you Cheese.<3