It's been about 4 years since I have actively used this site. I never was a fan of letting people know what im really thinking under the surface. I wanted a place to say this that I knew wouldn't get seen unless someone was really digging. Weird, yes?

So anyway I have spent the last year experiencing something I had hoped to experience for a good portion of my life, love. It pains me to say it but despite my "Chinese zodiac sign" I am not that great with the ladies. so it was a shock to me that a single kiss and some well placed persistence could grant me a chance to feel real human love. never have I known it even though it took it being stripped away for me to realize it was all around me. My friends, family, hell even the ants in my house love me in their own weird ways. She left for reasons I may never know, she came as silently as she went. I realize now that no matter how short of a time we were together she changed me for the better... even if she left for whatever reason she thought was the worse.

-friends...they don't make you feel like this ^ lovers do. one day we will meet again I hope I will have found what I am searching for when that day comes.