I fight with Honor and my name is: Count Vlad Tepes Dracula
The puppet strings are pulled by: Meta-Shroom
If you guess my age, you would only say: 45, though my actual age is around 18,000 years old.
Just so we are clear, I am a: Man
Be warned, you are dealing with a: Vampire
My special secret is I can: Force pure blood vampires to bend to my will through my dominion ability.
Freud has categorized me as: Manipulative and clever. I am slow to anger, but brutally fierce on any who find themselves the focus of my ire. I hold everyone in contempt and believe myself to be above all others.
My story is basically...: I, Count Vlad Tepes Dracula, am a third generation vampire. During my boyhood I met and befriended Count Rutger at a school for nobles. After growing up we would maintain our friendship with visits to each other's homes periodically. It was during one such visit that Count Rutger was turned into a vampire. In the frenzy of his first blood lust I became his first victim, and the first vampire to be turned by his power. At the time I was deeply ashamed of what I had become, and fled my homeland of Transylvania. For untold years I travelled until I came across a school of sorcery deep in the Carpath Mountains. After many years of studying at the school I mastered the craft of sorcery and used my powers to burn the school to the ground and slay all of the students and teachers. Now, I believed, was the time for me to bring about my own plans of ambition. For I had discovered a secret that none other knew. My soul mutation was the power of Dominion. I could bend any pure blood vampire to my will. Retaking possession of Wallachia, a province in Romania, I began to assemble my own court of vampire nobles. My folly was in trying to rekindle my friendship with Count Rutger. I informed him of my grand plans, and of my special ability. Desiring to rule over all vampire kind as a king I lured the elders to a castle in Russia with the rumors that a powerful new weapon had been built by the church capable of destroying every vampire simultaneously. Due to the power of my dominion ability I was able to effectively spread the rumours and cause enough concern for the elders to feel that they needed to act and quickly. Obtaining a vial of Cain's blood I attempted to complete a binding ritual that would have sealed away all of the elders inside of the Russian castle. It backfired however when Count Rutger betrayed me and informed the elders of my plans. They turned the spell back on me and my court trapping us inside of the castle until the power of Cain's blood is weakened through his death. Now that Cain is dead the spell has weakened enough for me and my court to return to Wallachia
I once allowed an artist to do a portrait. Here, it looks like this: User Image