Vanilla and I headed towards a large mansion, where the guards told us to go. Surely we went to the right place. Vanilla was too scared to even ring the doorbell, so I politely ringed the bell one hundred times and after a few seconds, the guy was on my nerves. I noticed Vanilla looking around, probably thinking how it's weird for two teenage witches, I mean girls to stand on the door steps of a really really rich guy's mansion. Finally, we saw our mentor, and he was not expecting us. Me and Vanilla were like rolleyes what was going on? The guy let us in, and he told us his name was Rockin' Robin, while I stared at his long, purple hair. Vanilla, of course, was smiling at him, probably wanting a good impression after I ringed his now broken doorbell, 100 times(or more). He glanced at me, as I started to look away from his purple hair. Rockin' Robin, explained to us again after Queen Candy did, about how only one of us will win the queen candiate contest, and how blah blah blah, I kind of, you can say, ignored him because he was so boring... Anyways, it turned out that Rockin' Robin was a magician as well, he had a few hearts lying around the room. The glittering hearts shined brightly as the chandler's light was reflecting off the hearts. I almost reached to grab one when Vanilla figured out what I was doing. She appeared to be disappointed at me, yet afraid that our new mentor/guardian was going to find out. I sneaked a peek at the tempting heart-shaped jewels one last time, hoping later I can grab some, and left for dinner.

Later, Rockin' Robin toured us around the house and showed us our rooms. Vanilla and I were like eek and biggrin biggrin biggrin . The rooms were first classed, filled with decorations and including a cozy and satisfing bed. I immediately plopped on the bed, feeling the delicate fur brush against my face, while I tested each pillow, which were all so soft!!!

Vanilla, well, was speechless. I guess she was probably astonished to have elegant stuff all to herself and that she was always the kind, unselfish person I knew, so she probably couldn't take all the pressure weighing her, for a wealthy guy named Rockin' Robin was giving us everything we needed and possibly wanted. Since it was late, Rockin' Robin told us to sleep since we had to go to the humans' school. I layed down and closed my eyes, too lazy to change, and dozed off into deep sleep.