Parents on on my case again about my hair, as if their problems with themselves can best be expressed by getting all up in my bangs. Mom says long hair is for girls. This traditionalist nuclear family mindset is grating on my feathers. I'm not going to conform to their gender-normal ideas. They have my brother Byff for that. Let them bask in the glory of his crew-cut.

"Picture Day" (what are we, 8?) at Monster High is next week and the parents swear I better do something, ANYTHING, about it before then because they don't want to have a yearbook sitting on the shelf with me "looking like that." Key word problem found: don't say "anything" because that is now my challenge.

There's a new club opening over in the north side, near Little Teaser's but not so close as to catch anything. My do and I are getting on last night on the dance-floor and when all the ghouls go home, my scissors and I have a date with destiny.