...So I haven't really been on here a lot ..not having internet makes it even worse! ...I'm currently babysitting my niece and nephew..so I might not write that much.

wahmbulance Just to update a little...obviously there is so much that has changed and that has happened in my life recently that I can't just sit here and write like 50 pages. Don't have the patience and it would be so unorganized that it wouldn't make sense. I haven't even updated my journal lately. Pathetic! Anywho- about the whole friend situation..I'm over it..I've moved on and worry about stuff that isn't so petty. I need to get back to my "I don't give a F U C K attitude" and just be young wild, and free- I just need to focus on myself-my sanity-my health and have fun. Seriously. Ok..so try to sum up the last few months..without writing a book and I'm just gonna write about the big things that I remember ...lol I'm sure there's stuff that I'll forget. blaugh

- January I had a kick ass weekend with my friends..started off with drinking a little.. lol then went and got my Septum pierced with my friend..it's bad ass..I love it..best piercing ever...not lying. Then went to a show with that same friend...a couple of good bands..then drove from St.Cloud to Hinckley to have a hotel party for my friends birthday..that was a good time.
-On a sadder note..a lot of people around me have been passing away lately..like 4 people... cry
- I've lost a really close best friend..well I still consider her my friend but it's never going to be the same.. she had some jealousy issues and I was almost going to move to CA to live with her.. but we had a huge fight and it was just really stupid and childish..I haven't talked to her since March. And she told me to talk to her when I was ready...and I just don't feel ready ..
- BUT! I cleared sh*t up with my other two best friends..not the one that I talked about in my earlier blogs. But I'm glad we are friends again...I hate losing friends over stupid sh*t. seriously.. rolleyes
- I recently had the best birthday party EVER! I only turned 20 but I partied like a mutha effin rockstar! Literally!! wink
- Got into a couple of fights with my dad about room mates that he has staying with us... that's like a whole other paragraph if I wanted to explain it.
- Got a job at Valleyfair and was suppose to start this weekend but I don't have reliable transportation and if I did.. gas money would eat my check...so that was pretty upsetting.. confused
-hmm...what else...OH I'm going to see Marilyn Manson May 18th...that should be exciting.. The Pretty Reckless will be there too..so f*cking pumped!! biggrin ( might get a VIP Suite.. that's what my friend said.. eek )
- oh and there's a cute boy....haha 3nodding

I don't really know what else to write.. there are a lot of other things that could happen but I don't want to write about it and then it doesn't end up happening..that would just be disappointing... keeping my fingers crossed though.. but not too tightly... haha AHHHHHHHHh anywho! Until next time! <3 Tiff xoxo heart