Name: Ruby Gates aka the Gatekeeper
Age: Over 1000 years old, same age as Celestia
Gender: Female
Type: Alicorn
Powers: Powerful barriers, can unlock or permantly lock any lock, can make herself very phisicaly powerful
Cutie Mark: A gold gate sitting on a cloud with a padlock on it.
Height: Same size as Celestia
Occupation: Captain of the Elite Royal Guard (1000 years ago)
Dream: To see Equestria at peace and her Princesses safe
History: She was born outside the Everfree Forest, to a clan of Alicorns that were patroles on the lookout for Discord. One day the patrols didn't send a messanger to the castle and Celestia's parents sent out a few warriors to see what had happened.The world outside the forest was turned tospy tervy and they only found an infent alicorn. She was taken back to the palace, raised by the guards and was best friends with Luna and Celestia. She became their formal guardian when she obtained her cutie mark by creating an inpenitrable barrier to protect Celestia from Discord. After Discord's defeat it was discovered that Discord had broken a rift in the dimentions. It took most of her power to seal it shut and to keep the Wraiths that were comeing through locked in their own dimention. She stayed their to guard the gate and to keep it shut untill Luna and Celestia could find a way to help her perminatly seal it. She didn't know about Luna becomeing Night Mare Moon untill she left the cave 1000 years later.
She was attacked by a group of teenage dragons who wanted to prove that they were brave enough to touch the rift. While she was unconcious the rift opened and she had to place another seal on it untill she could get to the Princesses to warn them that her seals were breaking and refused to reseal.
Unfortunatly a few of the Wraiths escape, and she was still hurt from the dragons so she was forced to stay in the palace while the 6 and the Princesses rounded up the Wraiths and dragged them back to the cave where the rift was. Candance and Shining Aurmor met them their and the 10 of them started to work on closing the rift. They didn't have enough power untill Gatekeeper showed up again. She used her remaining power to drag a magically made magical padlock onto the rift. She locked it by sticking her horn in it and turning it. Due to that her horn shattered, and she paid the price for perminatly locking the rift. She lost her longevity and is no longer as powerful as she once was and never will be again.
Personality: She's a very serious pony. She has a habit of standing in the background and watching over everyone. She keeps a close eye on anyone she deems to be under her protection. When shes not guarding someone she has a gentle but no-nonsense nature.