I still got 666666 years left to live off my sentence. Do me a favour and throw me down some steak. I am going to tell you my story. Because I am woman. Hear me roar and say some crap like, "SAVE MY LIFE AND I'll MARRY YOU! I'm Princess Peach!" Well I'm Bowser Princess Peach is mine and Mario is dead long live Satan and Satana.

I was born. Sometime ago. I screamed "LORD SSSSSSSSSSATAN COME INSIDE ME!" as I was born, and urinated across the room at the silly doctor, and cut my mama with my ten foot index finger claw. Later on I went to a party; I'm a big hit at parties, because I get really drunk, and itch my crotch, and a dirty ape pops out and kills someone.

So yesterday, I was walking around, and a hooker in this game gave me 10 bucks to stand there and do nothing as I supposedly "pissed on her face". ******** idiots. Oh wait. This is a kiddy looking thing right, ******** off niggers. Children. CHILDREN. Always foiling my plans, impudent, silly salacious rascals.

5 years ago. I was in the store. This guy comes on this motorcycle and keeps on shaking his head at me and pumping his fist, so I whooped out my vadge and blew up ******** balls with it.

Six years later. I'm at this bar. This women with these big tits comes up. And she says.

Ten months ago. I was at a club, 1 year ago and ten months ago. And they carded me because I look like Norman Einstein or some gay faggy non cool spiel like paradontals or something.

And I look at her and say ******** you.

Somətime later, I was typing this, and I was thinking... I can't read, how can I type, and it hit me.

The damn baseball bat hit me. It hit me in the ******** head. I turned around, and it was my other hand. "Oh okay." I got in my bangmobile and took off, to Africa to kill Joseph Kony Island. I failed.

I came back. And there was my ex with a shotgun. And do you know what happened?

˙dn ʎɐʍ ʇɔəɹɹoɔ ******** əɥʇ ədʎʇ əɥʇ ʍoɥ ʇno puıɟ ı uəɥʍ ʍouʞ noʎ ʇəl ll,ı

Here choke on this.