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and i didn't bite his head off
i was so angsty last night. seeing 4 of the youth celebrate their quick upcoming graduation, after the graduating class of the college i went to --all my 'freshman' friends, graduated,-- lacking sufficient sleep, hopped up on coffee, and patience well tested by a tenacious 5 year old, oh and pmsing - the angst was there.

i had one of those near surreal moments, as people gathered into their family units as they started to leave, and there i was by myself. this is the year i've felt the most disconnected from the youth group. i get along with the high schoolers, and they listen well, but there's so few of them and we really lacked a cohesive leadership since our central leader, the youth pastor, took a pastorship at a church. (though we're really excited for him. additionally marcia said this would be her last year, and it's probably my last year too. so many mixed emotions.
i was just standing around watching people, trying not to look anywhere for too long.
then marcia's mom was like "audrey you should have been in the picture!" <3 (twas a dusty-butt is graduating family picture) they've adopted me. <3

anyway i forgot to mention...
at college graduation! i got to see some people! my friend, and fellow linguistics major, chris got valedictorian (along with 3 others. what a class of smart people! ^-^) .he's going to get an MA while studying in London.so excited for him. *_*
My friend Anya graduated summa c** laude, and it seems the paperwork is going for her to work in China sometime this year. *_* So I have to get my paperwork done. Adventure is calling to me. Yes, that was the other thing on my mind as I was standing alone. "I need to get out of here."

Heh. Angst.

So I got on fb chat to talk to Bender, and Sean and Aaron were on too. I didn't argue with Sean, though I nearly did. I kind of forget that with him, people who were bad to people he loves - just hinting about them makes him angry. (i mentioned i saw rachel, and heard from her.. and he's like i already know who she's seeing, and i hate his guts! she's seeing this guy who used to date sean's sister. i remember this guy because 1.) they called him sushi (though this was 5 or 6 years ago, so i only remembered 'yoshi') and 2.) sean's sister was pretty mad after the breakup. i remember hanging out with them and trying to be cheerful and distracting because it's better to have friends around when things like that happen. )
Whew. Yeah. Talking to Sean is like navigating a mine field at times. I was fortunate he was easily lead around to other topics.

Bender's doing well. He's entertaining the idea of writing a final fantasy 1 story, and has given the characters names and deeper personalities. he even wants to do some character drawings. i told him to go for it. ^^;'

The best was talking to Aaron. Sounds funny, no? He brought up a few different topics, his topics, but since i haven't talked to him in months, it wasn't bad. He wanted to talk politics, so we had a mini rant about the president. I actually out ranted him, and he wanted to change the topic. So then we talked about his dog. Dogs are always good topics. <3

But I'm blathering on.

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commentCommented on: Fri May 11, 2012 @ 05:53pm
It sounds like you're dealing with PMS substantially better than me LOL. (I was close to punching people. Literally.)

Sean blows things out of proportion. He's overprotective of females and automatically assumes everyone is wronging him and his loved ones that he stakes a claim on and doesn't 'approve' of. He's like a woman who's eternally PMS'ing and he rarely knows what he's talking about.

Aaron has been way more pleasant lately, I believe. I still ignore him when he sends me texts with political rants. I think he's really trying to work on his issues though. But I agree with you that he has been one of the most comparatively pleasant guys to talk to lately.

So glad to hear you got to see some of your friends from school again. And don't be stressing out on feeling as if you have to leave the country super fast. Pray about it. Apply to a lot of places and jobs in countries you're interested in, not just one. People can give you interviews and job offers and you can choose which you feel is best for you. Don't settle because you feel panicked. I can say from experience that doing something out of fear always leads to bad results. Anywho, just thought you needed a little encouragement. Less fear. Be good to yourself. Your brain isn't turning to mush and your skills are still sharp. You have lots of talent/skill and will be incredibly valuable to whoever hires you.

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