I will number these off to make this easy:

1. You must be literate.

2. If you wish to do a mature RP with me, you must be at least 18 years

3. I will only write in third person. (No addressing my character as You. No addressing your character as me or I.)

4. My main character is always and only female.

5. I will RP with either female or male.

--For everyone 18 years or older--

If you want the two main characters to pursue a romantic or physical relationship, I am warning you right now that I will only go so far. Keeping tension between the two characters and allowing intimate moments every now and then keep the story more interesting for a longer amount of time.
As far as gore goes, it depends on the setting of the RP. Example: If it was going to take place in a colosseum then there would be alot of gore.

If you do not wish for the RP to be mature at all, please just let me know and there won't be a problem with that. I enjoy RP's of all kinds.