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++ Marley ++

++ Name: Marley Crenshaw

++ Age: 12

++ Height: 4'9”

++ Eyes/Hair: Brown/Blonde. Marley's hair is wavy in some strands, but is otherwise straight, giving it a slightly crinkled appearance.

++ Apparel:
Marley always looks like she just crawled out of a Lisa Frank box. Bright colors and rainbow beads are her thing, and she'll dress in any random combination of clothes she likes whether they really match or not. She also likes weird shoes with buttons on them, sneakers, different kinds of boots, and hats.

++ About life: Candy, TV, video games, and comic books. Those are the guiding forces of Marley's life. If there was a competition for most time spent in front of a screen before the age of 13, Marley would take the cake, she's read an entire library's worth of super hero comics, and her blood probably tastes like pure syrup.

++ Personality: Marley is a carefree, go-with-the-flow sort of person. She generally just lets life take hold of her and drag her along wherever it wants to go. As long as she has a steady supply of candy and comic books, she's happy, and she's been so desensitized by the wide array of media she's been exposed to that she can handle just about anything thrown at her.

++ History: Marley lived a fairly standard life of a military brat until age 7 when her mother, a Staff Sergeant in the US Army, was deployed to Iraq and killed when insurgents attacked her unit. Marley, her older brother James, and her father Marshall, then moved to the small coastal suburb of Harken City in Washington-state. Three years later, her brother went off to college in Montana, leaving just her and her father alone in the house. The two of them rarely see one another as Marley attends school in the morning and her father works late shifts in an automotive shop.

One day, while walking home from school, she accidentally catches the attention of a powerful occultist named Romulus. With great interest, he invites her to participate in “The Trials,” a tryout of sorts, for the position of his apprentice.

++ Song: Little Jimmy Dickens - May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose