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Jabbering Jen
Various RP journals, sometimes mixed in with my own thoughts. Enjoy! xP
Ghosts Are Weird (Myka)
Weird. Weird, weird, weird.

I went to the courtyard and was immediately told my sparring partner had been taken and that I was now up against Princy.

f*ck NO.

So then I was tossed up against some new kid, Caroline. (Carrie.) She was obviously shy as f*ck.


Oh yeah, who was there...? Routa, Hana, Gingerhead, Carrie, some new guy named Meiren who I can't find a good nickname for, and Robby.

Robert, Robby, same thing.

So we fought. Long story short, the most injured either of us got was me getting soaked. It was hell hard to move on that leg, though. I have a bad feeling she got more marks, but I don't care.

Robby was a decent asshole. Annoying to say the least, but evidently his dad's the one with the scary must-obey aura. Then somehow he got dragged into a fight with... sausage.

Pyroman, who'd shown up at some point, was definitely needling Robby for all it was worth and Robby was obviously barely trying with his fight. London ran out on him, too, so he got into a pissy mood.

So then Routa and Pyroman left, and Robby got bored, and he left too. So it was just me, Hana, Meiren, and Gingerhead.

We talked for a bit, Hana fell asleep and Meiren disappeared, and then THIS WEIRD-ASS THING SHOWED UP. It black and floaty and had a...

A human girl on a leash. And called her his puppy. ._.'

Gingerhead and I made a truce til we found out what the f*ck that thing was.

I had a few minutes left on my bracelet before it gave out (obviously Routa had given me an hour so I could fight) so I lobbed a few fireballs at the thing.


Okay, by now I was seriously freaked out. It drew this FLAMING SWORD on us and said something about it being a soul reaper. Gingerhead was totally freaked out.

Then Meiren showed up, and it left. Maybe he has a demon repellent on him or something.

About the time it left, my bracelet beeped. I was still holding my gem, and it glowed, and I got zapped out. When I came to, Meiren was saying something about me being diabetic.

I dunno.

So we sat. Talked. Insulted. Apparently Meiren's element is "complicated." Fort appeared briefly and talked to Meiren, and the Ben showed up.

So easy to tease, so I did. =u=

Of course, the big blob blubbered. Meiren didn't look too happy about it, but meh. I don't know him, I don't care about his opinion.

So after a while, can't remember how, Dusty came up and I mentioned how he broke his jaw and that he was leaving on a big trip. Gingerhead legit shut down.

Wow. That weak for her emotions to be that intertwined with a guy she's known for a few weeks? Here I had some respect for her.

She yelled at me and stormed off. We ignored her for a few minutes. Ben asked what was up with my leg and then poked me for some reason, which was weird. We discussed how terrible my leg was for a few minutes, and then went up to the Dradorkian spot to see what the hell was up with the crybaby.

I poked fun at her and she loosed her- HOW THE HELL DOES SHE HAVE PET BEES.

Yeah. I got stung. A lot. It wasn't fun.

After she called them off, Ben dragged me over with chocolate (I can't help ittt~) and poked me in the stomach. Some of the swelling on my arms went down.

Fort showed up and started trying to talk some sense into her. We sort of went off on our own thing for a couple minutes, and then he tried comforting her.

Wow he's bad at that. And we kept... I dunno. Communicating without talking. It was kind of eerie.

She kept moaning about how Dusty hated her or some sh*t, and that she really loved him. And she's known him for like, a few weeks and not much longer.

So after a while, she walked away and curled up. Fort said something about cause and effect, and that seemed to be whatever was bugging her. Eventually she came down and Fort and I went back to our thing.

I told him I didn't like him ruffling my hair and asked if he'd like it. He laughed and said I couldn't reach, so I tried reaching...

WHY IS HE 6'1.

I even JUMPED (which was hell painful) and couldn't reach. Seriously, he's like a mountain.

After a while, though, I fell over. My leg just couldn't hold me up anymore. Fort caught me and then Gingerhead said something about healing me up.

She's not a water user, so I don't know how that'd work. But apparently she's been keeping a garden or something and sent Fort off to get herbs. And then she rubbed leaves on my arms and squeezed some juice onto my leg.

One, that stung. A lot.

Two, it worked. Which surprised me.

After that, more random sh*t. Fort threatened to tickle us if we didn't get along, which is never going to happen, but he DOES have a feather on hand, and demonstrated on me.

Oh goddess, if I laugh like that in front of Routa my life is going to be over.

After a while Fort headed off to do something and Gingerhead and I went to sleep.

...What is she planning.

I told him Jake could take him and win but I'm not sure if I want Jake to win anymore

-Myka Willowflame

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