Yes all you gaian's who decide to stop by and check out this little journal. I am once again going to the field meaning my posting will be sporadic at best. Not like Why Not has really been being posted in alot lately anyways. Likely due to it being summer/people getting jobs/number of other things. Anyways I will be heading out for just a week this time. YAY!!!!!!!Tho if that will change while out there I am not sure. While it shouldn't I give no promises it won't but that's fine I drive around my platoon's officer which gets me out of doing alot of things while in the field.

ANYWAYS!!! Enough about that I want to give you all a new update about me since I haven't in awhile. Well I am currently 88 days away from leaving korea and going back to the states. Just yesterday I picked up my 2nd nintendo DS to replace the one my sister washed back in 2009 I believe it was. I also picked up a game that has 60 games on it in one which is awesome since the only ones I want are the pokemon and it has heart gold, soul silver, diamond, pearl, white, black, and the one that is the combo of diamond and pearl. It's great to have and really helps save me alot of money. Another fun thing I did recently was go see the Avengers Friday night, yea we got it over here a week and a half ago to see but I just found time to go see it then. GREAT movie that I would recommend to anyone that loves super hero movies. Iron Man as usual brings a good deal of comedy and it fits perfectly into it. Well this is my little update of the happenings for the time. Later all!