I've been bound to the wall with the chains of love and regret.
The memories that I've tried so hard to push back, I can't forget.
Now with every waking moment and with every close of my eyes,
I keep picturing the memories before me as my heart dies.

I can't forget you, no matter how hard I try.
I want to hate you, but I know that's a lie.
I want to erase you, but that's a power I don't have.
I want to run to you, but my pride is all I have.

Just the thought of you makes my heart ache.
Just remembering how you felt makes my stomach ache.
I can't keep swallowing up these emotions,
they'll just keep throwing it in my face.

The tears keep flowing when I don't want them to.
The tears keep flowing all because of you.

I can't sleep,
I can't eat,
I can't think,
I can't breathe.
All I want to do think its all a dream.

Time passes and the tears are less
but I won't be satisfied until my torn-up heart is at rest.