I've gotta finish my CS project but I also have to raid tonight, and you know which one's the "prior commitment". Anyways, the raid's in an hour which isn't enough time to allocate for good work, so I'll take some time to compile and evaluate data that I've uncovered in today's explorations.

First of all, I redid the personality test. Twice for accuracy, but I lost the previous copy. Anyways, results results results:
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while I was trying to figure out how to repost that, I found I've already retaken it several times, huh. Oh well, gotta know myself well.

Anyways, that seems to be the consistent result over time and samples. The only inconsistancy I got was one test that said I was an INTP.

So, generic evaluation of data:
Yes I am an INTJ.

What does that mean:
A bunch of sh*t, which I'll cross examine using other things I know about myself over time. The profile pretty much matches me flawlessly. I've googled all over the place and I'll link data compilations at the end.

For some reason I can't think into this right now, so I'll just go with the data:

Introverted, makes sense. I spend more time trying to figure myself out than other people. There's only been 2 people in the world who I've dedicated time to trying to figure out what makes them tick.

Intuitive: This one's actually a little jagged, in the various parses I've taken this has been sitting on the border of sensory. I've basically concluded that I'm good at both observation and abstraction, and I use them both to form conclusions. Abstract conclusions are nothing but abstract, and concrete conclusions are boring and useless for anything new. I like things to be new and different, but not so new and different that they stupidly risk uselessness.

Thinking: No sh*t, I've always been very clear about that, human emotions don't follow a logic, and are useless in forming good conclusions.

Judging: this was another one that had some closer parses, as I said there was one test that stuck me as an INTP. I'd like to take the american perspective on this. Rules exist for a reason (which themselves and their effects can be questionable), but here in America we follow the rules, and if they're flawed we change them later. It's only fair to be even handed with everyone. As far as the perception side goes, yes I can understand the whys, the motives, the differences, but the outcome shouldn't be treated so differently. I don't like excuses, take some responsibility for the results of your actions.

I'll evaluate further when it comes to mind, but having my own mind presented in this fashion is going to make evaluation easier.

Data (in order of interesting):
http://thomaslauer.com/start/How_to_handle_an_INTJ --- I loved this article.