Yes. The pokemon games that I own. Why? I get bored. And I like to play some games. XD

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness: 8/10
Great story, among other things. This time, you're not leading your own separate rescue team. You join a group and work to protect sacred items that protect the world. What are these items? Time gears. How do they help the world? Simple. They keep time flowing. Without a time gear, time stops completely where the time gear was. What does this mean? The time gear keeps time flowing. Without the time gears, time stops completely in the world where the pokemon live. That's all for now o.o

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team: 8/10
You play a pokemon, and you own your own rescue team, with your friend. You have to save pokemon, and as the story progresses, you find you're part of why the disasters are happening in the world you have entered, or been sent to. Your main antagonists are Team Meany. This group consists of a Gengar, Ekans, and Sneasel, I think. A good game with a cool story.

Pokemon Pearl: 9/10
Same thing with all pokemon games. You save the day from certain disaster when you fight against a group who wants to control the rare pokemon. Why? To create a world for themselves. The last people you fight are the Elite 4 to end the story, but there's more to it than that. The battle frontier. This place has been around alot, and we all know this. Though, a bit of history: The battle frontier made its FIRST EVER APPEARANCE in Emerald version. Yep. Pokemon Emerald gave use the first Battle Frontier. I've played these games for too long.

Pokemon White: 7/10
I haven't beat this game yet, but I've loved the puzzles and such. The story was great, especially since you had an arch nemesis and 2 best friends. As the years have gone by, the trainers have gotten older. The beginning age used to be 10. Now, it looks like it was raised to about 15 or 16. Why? To possibly appeal to an older set of kids. But, I think this will be the last pokemon game when it comes to introducing new pokemon. A new game is coming out this summer. We'll have to see what the new story is. Oh yeah. Close to the end of the game, you meet up with Looker. If you played Platinum, you would know who this stalker investigative officer is o.o Srsly. Wherever you went in Platinum, Looker was just around the corner. >.< Stalker much?

Pokemon Platinum: 8/10
Pearl and Diamonds story is cleared up a bit more. Why? We have a new npc. Looker. That name still disturbs me o.o" Ah well I guess. Looker is an agent who in my opinion is a stalker. Why? He follows you almost everywhere, and even then, you can't avoid him, no matter what you try. Why did they have to give us our own little stalker? o.o

Pokemon Soul Silver: 10/10
This game I loved. Why? I had played Silver on my gameboy color when it was out. When the game was, at the time, new. My starter? Cyndaquil. I love that little fire mouse. I fell in love with Cyndaquil when I started silver for the first time. It was nice to go back to Johto. Why? After not being able to go there for 10 years it seems, I was glad to finally go back. Why? I wanted to see how they changed the game as a whole. I wanted to see what they did to Johto. I wanted to see how they changed the story where you had to beat Team Rocket. This time, we have some new allies. Who? The dancing Kimono girls. Who are they? They are a group of girls who each have an eevee evolution as their pokemon. I remember them from the original Silver. These girls where in Ecruteak City. What is this place? This is the town that holds both the towers. The towers that used to house Ho-Oh and Lugia. Yeah... thats enough for that rant. XD I started the game up and I just realized I left off fighting the Elite 4. heh. ^.^" Talk about sitting there for ages. Oh yeah. A new feature in Soul Silver: Well, 2 actually. The pokewalker, which lets you talk your pokemon wherever with you, but only 1 pokemon. The Pokewalker is basically a pedometer. Just thought I'd let that be known >.>" And at the National park. there's the Pokeathalon Dome. What's this? A new minigame that is like a triathalon. You have 3 pokemon, and they all compete in 3 games. The best scores get a gold ribbon. Yep. XD I'm done now.