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this will b pure random stuff, i doubt ill write in it much, but ull just hafta find that out 4 urself =P u nvr no... NVR!!!
childrens story
My heart feels heavy.
It feels like a stone sitting in my chest.
I don’t know why my heart feels heavy, but it does.

Today, I saw a classmate of mine walking with another classmate of mine.
My heart continues to feel heavy.

Today, I saw my classmate talking with that other classmate of mine.
She seemed to be very happy.
My heart still feels quite heavy.

Today, I bumped into that classmate of mine.
She said, “Oh, I’m sorry!”
My heart felt a little less heavy.

Today that classmate of mine said “Hi!” to me as she walked by.
My heart started to beat very rapidly—it made me feel tired.

Today, my classmate said “Hi!” to me again.
I tried to say “hi” back, but I started to feel very tired.
My heart was beating too fast.

Today, my classmate happened to sit near where I eat lunch.
She looked very happy talking with her friends and laughing.
My heart felt light as I watched her enjoy herself.

My heart was feeling light?
I didn’t know this could happen!
What could be the secret?
My heart started feeling very tired; maybe it was too early to get so excited.

Today, I saw my classmate walking hand-in-hand with another classmate.
My heart felt heavier than ever.

Today, I came home with a sad look on my face.
“What’s wrong?” my mother asked.
“Oh, nothing. I don’t know,” I said.
My heart was feeling very heavy.

That evening, I ate my favorite dish for dinner—spaghetti with meatballs.
But my heart continued to weigh down my chest.

That night, I lay in bed feeling down.
Why does my heart always feel so heavy? I wondered.
I tried to sleep, but my heavy heart kept me awake for a while.
I didn’t sleep very much that night.

Today, I felt very tired at school, and my heart still felt heavy.
“Wake up!” my teacher yelled at me.
“I’m sorry…” I mumbled.
I got up to go to the next activity, but I stumbled out of my chair and hit the floor.
The floor felt unusually nice, so I lay there for a bit.
“Miss, I think he’s not feeling well!” my classmate said.
“Could you take him to the clinic then?” my teacher asked.
“Ok!” my classmate said.
She lifted me up the way soldiers help each other and took me to the clinic.
My heart started to feel a little less heavy.

My heart was feeling very tired by the time we reached the clinic.
“Put him down on a bed,” the nurse said.
“Ok!” my classmate said.
She took us to the bed by the window and I climbed onto it.
“Thank you…” I murmured, feeling very tired. My eyes were starting to close.
“You’re welcome!” my classmate said.
And then:

“You know…”
“What?” I tried to say.
But I fell asleep before I heard what she said.
I thought my chest felt empty before I started to dream.

I came back to the classroom after my nap, my heart feeling less heavy and my eyes more open.
“So, what did you say to me?” I asked my classmate after finding her.
“Oh… I’ll tell you after school,” she said.
My heart started to feel less heavy; I couldn’t wait until after school.

We met up at the side of the school where no one was around after school.
My classmate didn’t want anyone to hear us.
“Um…” she began. She pulled at her shirt.
My heart started to make me feel tired.
“What did you say to me?” I asked again.
After pulling at her shirt some more, she finally yelled:
“I like you!”
My heart leaped into the air.
I couldn’t feel anything in my chest!
I never felt so light!
I thought I would rise off my feet and float away!
But then that would leave my classmate alone.

I wanted to grab her hand and start dancing with her.
“I like you, too!” I said.
I wanted to jump for joy.
The stone in my chest was gone.
I only felt my beating heart, but I did not feel that tired.
She giggled at me, and I giggled back.
We both started laughing very loudly; it felt very nice.
I grabbed her hand started to run around.
I never felt so excited.

Today, my mom complained at me for not meeting her right after school.
“I’m sorry,” I said with a smile on my face.
“What are you smiling about?” she asked.
“Oh, nothing. I don’t know,” I said.
My heart felt like dancing.

Today, I walked hand-in-hand with my classmate from school.
I could hardly feel my heart in my chest.

Today, I still walk hand-in-hand with that classmate from school.
My heart still feels light as a feather.

idk how this came up o.O it started w/the first few lines, and it ended up being able to expand into a full story, uhhhhhhhhh, this is kinda weird to me lol, just the idea i made a childrens story lol >.>'
uh, ya, these r young like elementary children, and this boy likes this girl, if u didnt gather that from the reading,,, um, idk wut else to say lol o.O hope u enjoy!^^'

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