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Death's Journal<Avatar Profiles, Thoughts and Random Things
Current Avi as of 5/3/2012-9/21/2012, current (angel form) 11/28/2012-1/11/2013
character profile last edited: 8/16/2013
Name: Indigo Nightshade
Age: 21 (died at this age)
Date of Birth: October 31, 1990
Height: 5'6''
Occupation: Hunter of the Supernatural
Traits: cold, distant, genius, self-reliant, loner
Weapons: Twilight, Spiritual whip, gun (currently not shown on avi) and holy water,ancient magic, and on occasion Shuriken (though she has less experience with this than her other weapons).
*Note: When using weapons, Indigo is ambidextrous when using weapons. When training for ten years, she learned how to use both hands with the weapons.

About her weapons: Her spirit whip has a little more pain than a leather whip to humans, but for supernatural being, it is more of a critical hit. Her sword, Twilight also has magic and kind of a life of it's own (more about Twilight below) .Her gun uses a mix of salt and holy water, with a bit of her own magic.

Indigo uses her sword, Twilight, Which makes her purple aura visible to the naked eye. She comes from a line of hunters who also use ancient magic to vanquish enemies. The aura protects her whenever she is in grave danger, and is the source of her ancient magic handed down to her from her grandmother, Ophelia.

Indigo was born into a respectable and wealthy family, and was a child prodigy. When she was three, Ophelia discovered Indigo's power and isolated her from her family. She was forced to go through vigorous training to hone her powers at the age of five. Her first monster kill was at age seven. Her grandmother also raised her to be distant from people and to have the traits needed to be an excellent hunter. Indigo at age 15, after being hardened by 10 years of training with weapons( guns, swords, archery and honing her powers), Indigo defiantly cuts her hair and runs away to start her career as a hunter. One of the most defining times early in her career was when she was 16 and in Japan tracking down Argus, a dangerous vampire who hunts, does things to them, and then kills teenage girls that he kidnaps. Indigo went undercover as a foreign exchange student. After school, she would practices using shuriken and other Japanese weapons. Now that Argus is tracked she ask him to come to her house for a study date, and he agrees, so she readies herself for the honeypot, that will hopefully end with Argus's death(story of this is still being determined and written)

She does not kill every monster/being she runs surveillance on and knows not all of them are bad. She continues to watch them though, since it is a part of their nature.

Due to her isolation Indigo is emotionally detached and often can be cold. She avoids getting close to anyone and is solely devoted to hunting. When she is not hunting she distracts herself with certain activities.

Indigo as an Angel

Unfortunately Indigo dies giving birth to Niquolette on October 1, 2012, due to a mysterious power that manifests itself in the newly born infant, and allows the baby to survive. Indigo, having her own powers is able to watch as she is dying as a friendly couple rescues her child three hours after the birth.

After she is back on earth since after she died, she finds out that the couple turned in Niquolette to the state and she goes throughout foster homes, and she silently watches her and communicates with her. To find out how this goes, read Niquolette's profile (link on the bottom of the page).

Even though Indigo is an angel, her indifferent and cold personality remains as it was when she was alive, but to more off an extreme. Despite this, she does her best to watch over her rebelling daughter, even as she is being corrupted by Malus, and she occasionally shows her caring and helping side (but it is rare to see).

Immortal Indigo

Ever since she has regained some of her angel powers and immortality, her temperament has changed somewhat, and though she still hunts, she doesn't do it as often since she has more time. She is getting used to the idea of being immortal, but a part of her will always wish she was human again. However, due to a change in events, she is forced to serve Freya and Odin and was turned into a Valkyrie. She wishes she could go back to being a hunter, but a part of her likes and is loyal to her new job, as it reminds her of her past.


Reference for Physical Appearence as human
Reference for Indigo in Japan at 16

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