They say: ' try harder, but if u can't then you did all you can, even tough you know it's not true'. That is what i hear every time i try something. Sure nobody is perfect and nobody can do everything. But did they ever stop trying

To be honest about my self, I've everything i wished for, but it's not enough. Were human , we believe , hope , we wish always for more :

It's was a day like every other day in a vacation, but this time it rained outside, i was lying in my bed and didn't want to do anything. I tough can i succeed in any way for this school year. Why can't i make a future just by lying in my bed, as i continue there was lighting strike hitting a big tower full of rich business people . It's was close by. So i put on my shoes,coat, grab my dog and i ran to the tower, for no reason. I saw that the tower had a lighting rod (conductor) so there would be no fire if lighting hit the tower. I saw a old man lying on the ground , and he was shaking. I went to him and said:'Are you alright sir ?' The old man replayed:' i didn't know what happened, i went outside and as soon as i touched the door i felt electricity trough my howl body and everything hurt. I told the old man that lighting hit the tower as i helpt him stand.But ever time he stood on his legs he collapsed and fell to the ground again. He made me call 911 , and asked me if i would go with him, because he never went to a doctor alone. without second thought i went along with the old man to the hospital. When we arrived he was brought to the intense of care. Usually a dog is not allowed to enter a hospital but this time was it oke. The doctor told him he was lucky somehow but he would never be able to walk or stand again, i didn't understand because the old man wasn't hit by the lighting at all. I stood next to the bed when the old man asked for a piece of paper and a pen. He told me to write this down:
dear family and loved onces, if i won't make it i would like to give all that i belong to my family and i let them decide what they wanted to do with it. I'l give everything except my gold and diamond necklace, this i give to the young lady that brought me to the hospital. Untill i meet you all in heaven someday. Sincerely M.R.
I gave the letter to the old man. He told me to close my eyes and open my hands. I did what i was told . then i felt a long cold chain with a big rock at the end slide into my hands. As my eyes were closed he told me to open my hands only if i were home. 'I promised' i said. Then he told me that it was alright and that i can go home. Even tough i knew my mom would kill me because i went away with out telling her i decided to say as long as possible. I thanked him and went out side to wait. As i was waiting i fell in sleep. But woke up because there was a lot of noise. I saw different kind of tools and doctors ran into the room of the old man. My heart was beating faster. I quickly asked a doctor what wrong was. the doctor replayed : the old man had a heart failure. I didn't know why but tears began to run down my cheek. I didn't know what to do , so i fold my hands together and prayed, Ever time i heard clear i shocked and more tears came and i tried to pray even harder. Even my dog was lying on the ground howling. After the last clear i still didn't hear and heart beat out of the room. I saw a doctor in white shaking his head as he walk to me. I didn't say anything i just sat there with my hands still fold. And finished my prayer with:
Until we meet in heaven