Almost there. Got to see a play today, got one more project to finish, got to look over cse220 notes. We're getting there.

The two classes I was on the edge about, PHY112 and THR101, I just recieved excellent test grades on both of them, I'm going to pass all my classes this semester, and without buying a single textbook, without studying once.
Damn I'm pro.

Anyways, finals are coming up. I'm going to try to get up and attend my last CSE220 class, not that there's any reason to, just final review. I would like to say goodbye to the professor though, he's a pretty decent guy. All the CSE professors are great. I'm going to go to my 219's office hours Friday. He's an awesome teacher, and I'd like to tell him that. The thing is I'd like to get to know these professors, but they teach so well there's no reason to go to office hours. As it turns out, it's the best students that never really get to know their teachers.

I gotta catch my ITS102 teacher, I still haven't thanked him. He missed the past 3 classes since the awards event, and there won't be another. I'll catch him in his office hours, wherever whenever. I'll see about it tomorrow.