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I roleplay. =3
I'll be putting ideas here as I come up with them. Details in the next entry.


"Wouldn't be falling asleep there, would you, miss?" the call came from up ahead. "Dreams may be known to come real on this path."

Emma brought her head up, searching for the source of the voice. Ahead of her, the carriage driver sat as still as he'd been all trip, eyes fixed ahead. To either side, the two guards hired for the trip rode silently. None of them seemed to pay regard to anything but the path ahead of them. The lady leaned toward one side of the carriage, and in a soft voice, asked one of them, "Did you say something? Or... did you hear something said?"

The young merchant's guard turned toward her, brow cocked in confusion. He looked around, into the trees, down the path ahead, then back to her. "Nothing, ma'am. Should I have?"

"I... I don't know. I... Nevermind. As you were, sir." She scooted back to the middle of the seat. Idly, she looked back over her shoulder to the back part of the carriage, where a few dozen sacks lay piled. Her father's cargo. No point in checking to see that it was still there, really. The guards would have noticed anything removed long before her. The young lady looked forward again, watched the front of the carriage rock with their progress along the uneven road.

Dreams may be known to come real... Had that call itself been a dream? A dream warning her against dreaming? There was little sense to be found in that. What manner of dream would want her to not dream? For a dream to tell her not to dream would be for the dream to defy itself, for if she did not dream, the dream that had told her not to dream would not be.

She shook her head, gave herself a quick, soft smack to the forehead. It was bad for her to let her thoughts wander like that. Or, at least, that was what she'd been taught. But was that really so? She had always wondered if wandering thoughts were really so bad. How was progress made, how were discoveries... discovered, if people refused to let their thoughts wander, just a little bit, she wondered?

"Wake up, Emlinie," the voice called again, and she realized that in her thoughts, she had started to doze off again. Another of her habits that she'd been told countless times she must get a hold on. It was barely past midday, and here she was, falling asleep on a bumpy carriage ride. And where was that voice coming from? She looked to the driver, and to her guards, again. They had yet to call her anything but 'ma'am'. She couldn't imagine that there would be someone else hiding in the woods, following them close enough to know when she was sleeping, and not only avoid the notice of the guards, but also know her name.

Could it really be her own dreams talking to her?

With a sigh of frustration, she leaned back, threw her arms over the back of her seat in a very unladylike manner. What did court manner matter on the road, anyway? The only people around were in the employ of her father, so they wouldn't likely complain about her behavior. No, on the road, comfort was what mattered. It wasn't as if Madame Bergan was waiting behind a tree, waiting to jump out and smack Emma's hand with a ruler the moment her decorum slipped.

But still, it was too nice a day to be wasted sleeping. The sun shone down through the canopy of evergreen branches, a light breeze blew through the trees, small forest birds sang out as they passed this way and that through the open sky above... Actually, as she leaned her head back and took in the nature around her, she found herself growing even further relaxed, and her eyelids soon grew heavy. Her breathing slowed as her eyes came closed.

"I warned you, Emlinie," came the voice's third call. Emma's eyes snapped open as the horses cried out. Shadows lurched and lunged from among the trees, and everything went black.

[[This one demands a partner with a good amount of creativity. When Emlinie (who shall be played by me) wakes up, she will at first think she is in the middle of the woods, off the trail, on her own. She will later come to find that she's been taken to a world called Centennial, where dreams become reality, and war is waged between dreams and nightmares. You can come in on either side, as either a Fool (Dreamer) or a Sade (Nightmare). There are four of each, one for each season, and they act as the equivalent of high-ranking knights for the Dreamers and Nightmares. From there, it's free to go any direction we see fit. High imagination encouraged.]]

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