Whispered words
A lullaby
The sickly sweet
And treasured sighs
Tell me nonsense
Let me see
The night that which
Was born for me
Rush of rivers
Soon made calm
A barren world
Inside my palm
Painful comfort
The rocks will give
Beneath my soles
The life I live
Kiss my eyes
And let me sleep
A night of nonsense
Just mine to keep



Sleep's sweet prison
Where it is freedom that rules you
Where it is imagination that is you
Where it is existence, and yours alone,
that is the only thing for certain...

Living in dreams
Would be more sensible, would it not?
To live a day's adventure
In the matter of short seconds
To live untouched by danger
In a land you needn't breathe

The unconscious mind
Seems more sensible than those brightest
The rhymes need no reason
Just as the illusions no beginning
Questioning the necessity of an end

We start over
The images never quite fit, do they always?
Than this place where time flows so seemly
Reassuring us, desperately, of what is tangible
Yet, in the heavy world of meditation
Reality is just as distant,
as all that is magical

Take me away
As I never can be sure
As there is no other proof
But the genuinity in my heart
That these mirages of the mind,
so personal and undefined
Had ever existed



I'll dream a day with you tonight
A numbing, sweet, imaginary light
Where smiles are easy
And laughs so carefree
We'll escape from this world
In the land of my dreams
A constant buzzing that no one can hear
Let me guide you to a place you'll be without fear
Rocks that seclude us
As the waters cascade
The laughter will surround us
Until the image fades