Here I will place an example of my writing for any hopeful Rp Partners to get a feel for my style.

Last minute changes seemed to have been the bane of his existence of late. A change of plans and he was the one who was stuffed in to fill the spot. It was that very set of circumstances that left young lord Ezekiel Harris traveling with Ambassador Hanz Adler far south to Palmyra, a desert country, to bear him company and assistance in the renewal of the peace treaty between them and Acadia, his homeland. The only thing that bothered him with this setup was his lack of knowledge of the culture, but he made a point to study while traveling. No one liked to deal with an ignorant foreigner, so he would do his best not to be one.

The long weeks of traveling left Ezekiel longing to get to their destination and when Hanz told him they were half a days ride from it he could have jumped with joy if it wasn’t for the blaring heat he did his best to hide from. Unlike the Ambassador and his little group of personal servants and guard Ezekiel was one the fairest at court. His pale, creamy skin nearly untouched by hardship or the sun until this adventure. Shoulder length blonde hair was so fair in color if it wasn’t for the natural darker highlights one might have thought his hair to be white. A lot of the Harris nobleman was fair and delicate looking even his features, high thin cheekbones, delicate looking nose, slightly strong jaw line, the petal pink hue to his lips, and of course the clear blue diamond hue of his eyes. Though, one sight of him branding his rapier and it was clear there was very little that was truly delicate about the young nobleman.

It was late in the afternoon when the Acadian group reached the high gates of the Palmyrian Castle. The Gates opened after a quick conversation between one of Hanz’s men and the gate keeper. The were ushered into the beautiful coolness of shade at long last and Zeki sighed with relief much to the Ambassador’s amusement. With a sniff Zeki ignored him. He took to looking around as he dismounted his desert horse. It was as different as he had been warned it would be. Already he itched to explore and he wasn’t even inside yet!

Ezekiel followed his little group through halls, many of which seemed open to him, but he was used to the thick stone walls of the grand keeps of Acadia that stood against the harsh winters. A climate that made this one sweltering, he long passed the stage of sweating now, his body was slowly stopping that silliness, though his cheeks were still flushed from the heat none the less. No last week the sweating became nearly nonexistent after so long in the heat, Hanz told him it was simply his body adjusting to the new climate though the heat wouldn’t become easier to bear either way.

The white clad noble looked around as they entered an open cool room with others lazing about softly chatting, a main or great hall? Glancing ahead he spotted a woman on a dais and he figured he was right in assuming so. These must be her nobles or high ranking classmen then. After a glance at the female ruler he took to looking around him as typical formalities were spoken. It was when his name was spoken by Hanz that he stepped forward and bowed gracefully and quickly straightened and stepped back, exactly as he was told time and time to do. This was just a quick moment of welcoming them into the Palace before they were given a chance to settle, their stay was going to be a little while from what he knew of Hanz’s former visits to Palmyra. This was going to be an interesting time spent.