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Itchigotchi's Diary Whats this, on the ground? A notebook? No...No.. Its something more. The beaten leather cover and crumpled pages seem very well worn and loved. There is a giant "KEEP OUT" stamp on the cover, which makes you smirk as you open the book....

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Bens Letter 30/4
April 30th

Dear mum,
I got my stuff unpacked in the dorm room the other day, after finally arriving.
Please dont EVER put me on that train again! It took soooo long to get here, and some smelly old man fell asleep on my shoulder. Gross.
Anyway, some teachers pointed me in the right direction and I tugged my heavy HEAVY suitcase over to the dorms. I suppose I should ask why you packed some of this junk, but having a spare toothbrush or 3 is practical in a bizarre way. They're bound to go lost or something.
Anyway, the dorms look horrible, and the floor is so rotten that I fell through it. My housemates helped get me out of the floor, but mum it was SO embarrassing! And one of them kept giving me these dirty looks as if I should just loose weight like some sort of magical person, and float out of the holes in our dodgy floor. Her name was London, she wasn't so nice. Another one came at me with a hacksaw, her name was... Adriane (she just introduced herself to me then, I'm sitting on my bed)

After I got unpacked I went outside and tried to read, but instead met some more people.
There was this giiiiant guy, and his name is Amazing Everett. Imagine that! A guy with Amazing as his first name!
I bet he was teased as a kid. Or....probably not. Cos, believe me, that guy is a tank.
And there was a teacher who was all mysterious and weird and plucked leaves off trees. I think her name was Miss Husher. I'll try to remember her, but I dunno if shes supposed to teach me or not, since I got sorted into water.
Oh! I should mention this guy in my dorms I'm sortof scared of, his name is Nathan, and he is like, fully ripped, so I dunno how old he is. He's gotta be older than 14 though. And hes like, a king or something from an island,no lie, and hes blind because of some accident when he got to the school. I dont know, everyone seems to accept it easily, but it looks like he gets really pissed off about being blind, and he snaps at me a lot.
Oh, and everyone here can do legit magical things with elements. I saw one of the girls in my dorm juggling water baloons without the balloons. It was crazy!
Every time I try I just get unfortunate spills on myself- and when I did it out on the fountain it was SOoOOO bad, that the BLIND GUY felt sorry for me, and the big guy dumped me in the fountain so it didnt look quite as bad.
Oh, by the way, all those snacks you gave me are gone, so you should send more.
But anyway, when I was dumped in the fountain, my pants stuck to my legs more, and then ripped right up the a**! So I had to run, with my boxers (you know the ones, with the powerpuff girls?) all the way back to the dorms, soaking wet and with ripped pants!
And since then I havent really gone outside, I mean, its a miracle I havent twisted my ankle on this floor. I expect a teacher will show up soon and fix it though, so dont worry mum.
Yours sincerely

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