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Jynx's Book of Shadows
Strange dream
It started off when I was going to Kirsten's house from my neighbor, Berry's. It was bright, but cloudy and iot was really warm. About half way there I saw Ambar going to Fred Meyer's and then she dropped to the ground, I didn't have time to respond to seeing her before she dropped. A beam of light went through the back of her neck. I walked up to her tentatively and put my hand on her back, she was breathing, but barely. I pressed the ends of my fingers to the light in her neck and something happened, but I wasn't sure. She got up as if nothing happened, so I kept walking on to Kirsten's house. I got to her house and everyone was gone, but the truck was still there. I didn't see anything on inside, so I thought that they went out. I started to walk back to Berry's house and I saw Jake on the way. We talked for a little bit and then decided to go to the forest down by the max. As we were walking I kept hearing a buzzing sound, but I ignored it. At the corner turn, between the Elks Lodge fence and the condos, I saw a bright flash of light and something hit my side, it made me spin and wrench my hand out of Jake's. Then I was hit again, right under my shoulder blade on the same side. It hurt and I was scared, but I saw the guy that did it, although there were no bullets, there was a weapon, but I couldn't tell what it was. I ran after him and he shot the weapon at me, bright beams of light. I tackled him and Jake pinned him down. Then I saw Berry again, walking up the sidewalk. He heard the violent sounds and my screams of pain from when I was shot. He took the man fron Jake and told him to get my parents, by this time I was dazed and leaning against a wall. The police came soon after and saw that I was hurt. They knew that an ambulance would be too late, so they grabbed an emwergency kit from their car and walked up to me. They started askng some questions, but I couldn't make out their words. I slowly started to slide down the wall into a sitting position, leaving a long dark streak of blood. They lifted my shirt and saw the wounds. Then they started to sew up my side, holding cloth to the open wounds to keep me from bleeding out. After a few minutes they got both sewn and my vision started to clear. I saw Jake running up the sidewalk with a horrible expression on his face. At that moment, everything became clear, and even more so. Slowly and painfully, I got up, the police trying to keep me down, for fear of hurting myself, but I refused to stay. Jake came up to me, the sorrowful look on his face darker than ever, as he told me that my family was dead. I started to run towards my house, but the pain stopped me and I dropped to my knees, crying, and bleeding through the poorly done stitches.

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