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Jabbering Jen
Various RP journals, sometimes mixed in with my own thoughts. Enjoy! xP
I Hate Tunnels (Myka)
Ugh. Weird weird weird WEIRD day.

Which means totally amazing. Let's see, for starters, I met up with Everett and Gingerhead in the courtyard, where I proceeded to make fun of her nonexisting height with Everett. Finally, something we agreed on.

So at some point Gingerhead fell asleep and I proceeded to draw a mustache and goatee on her. She woke up and kicked me, which felt like nothing, then washed her face in the fountain.

Damn her and her mudballs, because she made a big one. I hid behind Fort, but he ran away. So I ran.

Lots of mud. I stalked off to change.

Then later, I called Jake, but he blew me off, so I went off to explore. There was some place called the Dapper Dragon or whatever in the Dradorkian district, so I went there only to find Dusty, writing some note or something.


Then Addie sneaks out and so does Hana, and Gingerhead actually hides. Rosie shows up at some point and then we all...

I dunno. Addie was being a dumbass b***h as always and pissed Dusty off or something. so then the two started fighting, and she was going for me, and...

Dusty... protected me? The ********?

Well, I can't protect myself, I guess that makes sense.

Anyway. Then Addie did some huge wave or some s**t and Dusty got absolutely SOAKED. Like, so wet it was ridiculous. And here I am, getting splashed but not soaked.

So at some point I run and...

Okay, long story short, we both got soaked. And it was cold.

But at the end, Dusty shot these earthy bullets at Addie, who had this stupid wall of water up, and then Rosie ran into it.


Ugh, her arms got all cut up and then she couldn't hear and she had this dumb grin and- ugh.

So there Dusty and I am, each covering one of Rosie's ears and yelling at Addie like hell. And Dusty looks all guilty and Hana is yelling at him because it's his fault.

It sure as ******** wasn't. It was a goddamn accident, if anyone should be blamed, it was Addie for starting the fight in the first place.

And then even AFTERWARD she threw goddamn waterballs at me! The hell is wrong with that chick?

...Ugh. So after all that, Addie made herself useful and washed out the dirt, Rosie took all the blame. Addie wandered off to ********, and so did Hana, so it was just me, Dusty, and Rosie, who could now hear again.

Someone said something about tunnels, and I was like "NO."

I HATE tunnels. So small and cramped, ugh. Dusty said he would prove me wrong, so we went our separate ways to change into dry clothes. (He took his shirt off again, FFFF-)

So I went and changed, and he made me and Rosie go into the Dradorkian dorms. It was already a dark tunnel, and then Dusty pulled out something he called a glowstone that lit up.in the dark and Rosie flared her nails.

Dradorkian commons, not interesting. We went down another tunnel that got very small very fast.

Also, Dusty was NOT acting like himself. Like, he got his pants dirty and didn't give a crap, which was weird. Also, he was being way douchier than usual.

Anyway, we kept going through this ******** cramped tunnel until Dusty stopped. Evidently we'd reached a big hole. Rosie tried jumping across and ALMOST made it.


I starting yelling and Dusty put a hand over my mouth and another around my waist and literally began to DRAG ME TO THE HOLE.

Now, you gotta understand. He'd thrown a rock in a bit earlier to see how deep it was. We didn't hear it thunk until five minutes later.

That's pretty damn deep.

So naturally I'm utterly terrified when Dusty hops into the hole, still holding me. I'm screaming, scared out of my skin, and he's LAUGHING.

Yeah. He was LAUGHING.

I didn't know why, I was so scared, I thought I was going to die and never see Evere Jake again-

And then we landed in a pile of dirt. Safe and sound.

Dusty gets up and doesn't bother to brush himself off, something else weird. Rosie is okay, or at least she looked it. Me, I'm barely even scratched.

I was so pissed off at Dusty. So, so, SO pissed off at Dusty. He scared me half to death with that jump! The least he could've done was tell us that we were going to land safely!

Add to that it was pitch black. So he shuffles over to some jagged rock and sticks his hand on it.


The rock turned out to be a big crystal, and the whole room started to light up. We were in a huge cavern, with a little pools and the walls were glowing and-


But enough of that. I stomped right over to Dusty and slapped him hard for scaring the absolute ******** out of me.

Of course the lights go out. =_=

He turns them back on as soon as we realize we can't hear Rosie. I grabbed her and we got out of there.

On the way, he decided to guess at our life stories. All he said was he was a rich kid, so I wasn't going to say much about me.

And then he goes and ******** GUESSES half of it.

Well, plenty he's got DAMN WRONG. And I'm not interested in telling him which parts. Needless to say, I was so pissed off that he had nearly killed me and was poking into my business that I could barely speak.

You have NO idea how badly I wanted to throw a fireball at- I'm talking to a ******** book.

So yeah. Then he quizzed Rosie along the way, and eventually we came out in the Dradorkian dorms again, where Gingerhead was sleeping. Dusty wandered off somewhere after Rosie announced her sister's name like it was a big deal, and I stayed behind and struggled not to hit something.

Gingerhead woke up and we hissed at each other like the bitches we are.

Oh yeah. I made a deal with her earlier. If I hooked her up with Dusty, she would try to get the damn bracelet (which turns out to be waterproof) off and gone forever.

But you know what, Dusty's being a dickward, so ******** that.

I'll just have Vinny do it.

...I'm going to call Jake.

-Myka Willowflame

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