All right so my mind is in need of some pointless ranting :3

Well my relationship is going pretty smoothly if i do say so myslef. Me and my hun have made it through our 3rd month of being together. Throughout everything we're learning more about each other and we plan on doing a lot of things together. A few days ago we went to San Fransisco and aimlessly roamed around at the Cherry Blossom Festival. It was so much fun especially since me and my best friend basically planned everything for our double date. Unfortunately some cashier stole my 100 dollar bill claiming I never handed him any money >__> that jerk.

But my friends cheered me up by buying me a beautiful flower heart

Plus I got to sleep on my hun on our way back home 4laugh it was so sweet. He kept trying to cheer me up too.

So as a thank you for cheering me up I made him mochi ^__^ whenever I'd place one down he'd be eyeing it and ask me "Can I eat this one?"

I threatened him with corn starch and when I was FINALLY finished making them I told him they were for him and he smiled, hugged me and thanked me. Haha he is so silly.

Now he's planning on wacthing The Cat in the Hat with me......he is way too whelmed about it xd

One of these days I'm gonna make him bake something with me so that he can see my hardships heart

And that is all I have to say for now
Well then again I could talk about my school life
but no one wants to hear that
So without further a do

I bid you a do
Eins, Zwei, Drei *poof*