When I first met Heartless, I was young. And like all young people, I was foolish. With my Keyblade in hand, I felt overconfident. It was a powerful weapon. I was powerful. I feared nothing. Master warned me about travelling between worlds without my armor on but I didn’t listen. Quite honestly? There were a lot of things I disagreed with Master on. I lost respect for the man quickly— he withheld information, and insisted there some things I just didn’t need to know. I was too young or the information was simply too dangerous. The man had it in his head that information was dangerous.

Quite plainly, history is written down so it is NOT forgotten. Good things and bad things, as a warning, so they are not repeated. Once I took a detour going home and I found a small, abandoned world that must have fallen into darkness. I found books that fascinated me. One of them even talked about Keyblades! There was a star chart on the ceiling and I knew that whoever had lived on that world knew many important things. Excited by my find, I foolishly told Master about the place before I’d even had a chance to finish exploring it. And do you know what he did? Under false pretenses, he had me show him to the place. Then he burned the books I’d found and used his Keyblade to finish collapsing the already nearly-dead world. He destroyed valuable information!

I hated him. Deeply. But if I were to cop an attitude about it, he would take the Keyblade he gave me away, he’d send me home, and I’d be trapped in my tiny home world forever! So I grit my teeth, I minded myself, and from then on I stopped telling him things. I kept to myself after that, I couldn’t even tell Eraqus my thoughts, or else Master would only pull me aside for another lecture about ‘looking toward the future, not into the past’. The fool! The past is doomed to repeat itself forever if we do not know what it held!

I began to doubt all his teachings. I doubted the Light and the need to protect it. I doubted his seemingly irrational fear of the darkness and the unknown. I doubted his insistence upon world order and leaving everyone in another very powerful sort of darkness - ignorance. But I kept my mouth shut. I wanted to pass the Mark of Mastery exam and I wanted to leave him and his foolish ideals behind me as soon as possible.

One day I had left in frustration. I wanted to know what was out there! Why did we need to don armor to protect us from the darkness? He already felt the need to “protect” us from knowledge that could be of great value, I just wondered what else the he was keeping us from.

And then I met… them.

A whole nest of them. Dozens, hundreds of them. Little yellow eyes staring at me, through me. That moment felt like an eternity. My Keyblade could fight off anyone or anything that used Darkness, but… there were so many. Fighting and winning was impossibility! I tried to summon my Keyblade, but I felt my hand begin to shake, and the moment it was there it was gone, having fallen out of my grip. I thought I was as good as dead, surely.

But then a curious thing happened. I didn’t die.

/KEY!/ They all seemed to speak at once and I could hear them. /KEYBLADE!/ It was a roaring shout…

…of excitement.

For you see, I learned something that day. The Heartless needed the help of a Keyblade wielder to pass into locked worlds. They needed help from someone like me. In exchange, they wanted to help me, too. And what did I want? Knowledge. They lead me to more fallen, darkened worlds. Empty places, tragic places… but the history of those worlds all remained intact: in books and scrolls. Some even contained massive libraries full of information. And in those places, slowly I learned information that began to paint a broader picture of the worlds than just the slim amount Master had been telling me. I knew the history of other Keyblade wielders. I learned of great powers. And I found my destiny.

World balance is a funny thing. How can the worlds be balanced when Keyblade wielders are meant to be Light and Dark but the only ones that remained in existence all blindly worshiped the Light? I would be the Dark. And I would end the ignorance the worlds were all being kept in. I would reveal to them the entire situation that was befalling them!

And so I set out on my journey… to start the next Keyblade War and return True Balance to the universe.