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Name: Elizabeth

Age: 9-12

Personality: Elizabeth believe it or not is usually a slave owner for many role plays. A young girl from a wealthy family, the rest of her family died in a fire that destroyed her entire home and life. After the fire, the family friend and lawyer made sure that she received all that she was due. The assignment of a slave is usually due to her need of a companion after the family fire and the reconstruction of a slightly smaller yet no less grandeur home. A wealthy little girl, she has shares in major companies across the world as well as the money that she inherited from her parents. This basically means that she doesn't have to work a day in her life. However, she is a kindhearted girl and pursues childish dreams of true love, world peace, and helping those in need.

Get out of my head!!!: "I have two cats at home you know! They're soooo adorable! One is a little calico that I found in the rain, so I named her Sunshine. The other is all black but has these cute little paws that are white. It looks like she's wearing socks!" Elizabeth's laughter was infectious as she giggled about her two cats to the slave behind the bars. "I named her Socks. They're just little kittens and Marybeth says that we can't give them milk because it makes their tummies hurt." Her pouting face was more than the man behind her could handle because he suddenly choked on his laughter and tried to cover it up with a cough. She smiled and began to whisper to the slave conspiratorially as she reached into her pocket. "Don't tell Marybeth, but I stole these from the candy jar that she tries to hide from me. I know that I can get cavities but I brush my teeth every night! You seem really nice, and don't make fun of me for being little, so I'll give it to you. You do like candy don't you?"