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Name: Kit Sune
Age: 13
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 83 lbs
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Yellow
Skin Color: Pale
Race: Half-Breed (Fox-like Human)
Personal Weakness: Kit Sune has a hard time remembering things. Whenever she see's fire, her mind instantly seems to fade, and becomes entranced by the flames.
Personal Strengths: She acts well in high pressure situations. She is extremely light on her fight as well as nimble, making her foot steps extremely quiet.
Personality: Kit can be unbearably cold to others, making her undesirable to be around. She only speaks the truth, meaning if she feels you are ugly, she'll let you know. It's not that she doesn't like others, it's more she doesn't know how to read others to understand what it is they are feeling. Having grown up in a forest by herself for most of her life, Kit was always alone, save for the animals she came to know and love from the forest. She has a natural affinity towards animals, perhaps being the reason why she isn't able to connect well with humans.
Skills: First-Aid, Recon
Likes: Any kind of animal, Nature
Dislikes: Fire, things burning, extreme heat

Guild: Fairy Tail
Team: None
Rank: Mage
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Guild Mark Location: The back of her right ear
Mark Color: Yellow

Magic Style: Guardian
Guardian Appearance: X
Synthesized Appearance: X
Magic Attacks:


- Name: Guardian Clone
Description: A fragment of the Mage's Guardain detaches itself, and makes an exact replica of the Mage and it's Guardain. This clone is not just a mere image, it has the same capabilities as the Mage, however each spell is treated as if it is one (1) rank weaker. (A-Rank spells become B-Rank, Etc) This clone will last for 5 posts, with spell power being drained after each post. The spell may be canceled at anytime, or even be destroyed before the 5 post limit.
Synthesized Mode: The Mage can either produce a single clone that has the exact same capabilities as the Mage, or two clones, whose spells will be treated as if they are two (2) ranks weaker. Both types of clone will last for 5 posts, with spell pwer being drained after each post. The spell may be canceled at anytime, or even destroyed before the 5 post limit.
Rank: A-Rank

- Name: Guardian Shift/Teleport
Description: The Mage is able to switch places in an instant with their Guardian. In addition, if the Mage has made a clone, they are able to switch places with the clone.
Synthesized Mode: Guardian Shift now become Guardian Teleport. The user can teleport with an Ally Mage, or an Enemy Mage. This costs twice as much Spell Power because the user has to manipulate enough magical power to be able to switch places with another magical being. The Mage CANNOT attack in the same post as Guardian Teleport. After Guardian Teleport has been used, the Mage must wait 5 posts before using it again.
Rank: A-Rank

- Name: Guardian Cyclone
Description: The Guardian begins to spin ferociously, creating a barrier around the Mage. (Depending on the form of your Guardian, it may just be a defensive spell, offensive spell, or perhaps even both)
Synthesized Mode: The Mage still spins in a vicious circle. But now the Spell is treated as if it is A-Rank.
Rank: B-Rank

- Name: Guardian Shield
Description: The user commands their Guardian to block an incoming attack. The strength of the shield gets stronger as the Mage moves up in Rank. The attack may be blocked successfully if used on a spell that is cast by a mage of lower rank, or a spell that is the same rank. (Ex. S-Rank Mages can block an attack from a regular Mage. C-Rank attacks may be blocked because Guardian Shield is a C-Rank spell)
Synthesized Mode: The Mage will be able to block an attack that is B-Rank or lower with a simple block of their hand from a Mage of the same Rank. The Mage can block any attack from another Mage that is of a lower rank.
Rank: C-Rank


Magic Weakness: If the user does not have their Memento, they are unable to perform magic.
Magical Strengths: Able to summon the power of a memento into the form of a Guardian to assist the Mage in combat.
Magic's Taboo: Must avoid situations which may relate, or make the Mage remember the memory they are trying to forget. It will cause the Mage to freeze, and start to lose sanity. If no one comes to their aid within 3 posts, the Mage is rendered unconscious.
Magical Weapons: None
Magical Clothing: None
Eternano Pool: 700