I kinda wanna move on with my life already. Don't get me wrong. I'm not quitting, but I do want a change. It's just that, I realized that I'm not afraid to live on my own and make my own mistakes. I actually prefer it that way. Living at home... I just feel so stuck. I need to get out and experience more things.

I mean, doubtless, it's supposed to be scary, but that's what makes it exciting as well. I think my problem has been that I haven't been excited in a very long while. I need to get out and explore. I've been cooped up at home for too long.

This goes way beyond not having any responsibilities. I want them, actually. I've had too few and I haven't been in charge of my life. At least, not really. I mean, it's been lovely living at home and being taken care of, but it's also stifling.

Basically, I want to get out and experience things. If things don't turn out well, I can always turn back home. But then again, I want a new 'home' too. Isn't that the goal? To make your own place in the world? I want that, or I want to find that, and if that place doesn't fit me, I'll make it fit me.

That's all I wanted to say. I suppose I'll have to change myself, some deep part of myself that's afraid of everything, and it won't be easy, but hey, I could use a challenge. I want to live again. I want something to look forward to.