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by Spiralism

age:: around 23
gender:: male
build:: muscles well toned
skin:: very tan
hands:: hands are black with more pointed fingers, black fades out after wrist line
hair:: very light peachy blond hairstyle
eyes:: bright teal
eye makeup:: upper-lid lined with purple; lower-lid lined with red; eyelashes are white
defining features:: multiple ear piercings; light blue tribal tattoos all over his body
clothes:: he hates most clothes; usually only wears black short pants
accessories:: lots of bone and woodwork jewelry; tribal things; feathers; skulls

personality:: rude; grumpy; dominating; impatient; occasionally has bad rage episodes; has a more sensible side but it is so underused that he doesn't understand what to do with it
habits:: theft; losing things; leaving for days
likes:: hunting; long runs; being left alone; fiddling with machine parts; his cave
dislikes:: the locals; losing things; clothing; people messing with his cave
habitat:: lives in a cave in a mountainous area at the edge of a savannah-like region; futuristic time period; local peoples are more like African tribes in their structure and culture but coupled with a sort of technology; lots of wild beasts roam the area; and there are oasis like ponds scattered about


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by NeverEndingMatti
by vojir
by ultrasecs
by Oesheboo
by Ichitoko
by attoliastheif
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(dragon-like version) by KayaHaiwatari

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