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Routa's Scribbles
Is that a lump of dirt? Oh! No, its just an incredibly grubby book. Wonder whats inside...
Journal 24/4

No new earth students.

After repeated injuries, (mostly relating to fire, though I'm told some are to wind, and the earth students have minor bruises too) I have made it compulsory for students to wear armor when not showering or in pjamas. This should lower the amount of injuries and thus the amount of paperwork I have to do which relates to them.

Many students behaved rather badly when I told them to wear armor. Some already owned some which they preferred not to wear for some reason (apart from Fort, who showed up already in armor), other protested on the grounds of principle, 'its a school not a battleground'. Yes, it is a school, and so we must protect students from their own stupidity or too harsh bullying, until they are old enough to go into the adult world and face the real consequences of their actions.
I just hope to god their moral codes will all point true north by then.
I promised if I saw anyone without any on, they would get detention for a year, and have to wear the ugliest armor I could find.
They will be allowed to take it off once the demonstrate temper and elemental control, and the ability to defend themselves.

Most of the students dont seem to understand how potentially dangerous they can be.
The only students who probably realize this is miss Willowflame and Retaw, and hopefully it won't take any more tragic incidents for everyone to realize their gifts are more powerful than they think.

Today I was meditating in the centre when miss Freazon walked by.
I asked her if she had been training, and although she agreed, I knew she was lying because she just demonstrated the same thing she showed me on the first day, which drenched Tailynn who was sitting near the fountain.
She was also not wearing armor.
Luckily, I was distracted by my earth student who seemed glum, scratched up and muddy- ans was also in her pjamas.

Apparently Miss Summers and Master Risio had a fight during the night, as Master Risio told her he would leave, and she became upset, as a teenage girl with a massive crush does.
Argh. I promised myself not to listen about teenage relationships, but when it means that students go sleep in a tunnel overnight, I can't rightly ignore it.
I told Miss Summers to sit beside me while Miss Freazon got changed into armor, and explained to her that physical armor is not the only type of protection people have. We all need to protect our minds and hearts just as much. I explained that although Dustin may not have liked the physical armor, he was probably quite mentally armored, and this rejection was just a defensive technique.
I believe she understood, and went to get armored up.

Every earth child was chosen by the great dragon for a reason.

When Miss Freazon got back I told the two girls to stand apart, nearby the fountain. I was going to teach them some more about defense, by using the simplest techniques I could think of. Hopefully they think to use these and practise them.
I instructed Miss Freazon to throw water orbs at Miss Summers, and Summers to block them with mudballs which she was supposed to have learnt to do as they're just a circular mud fling technique.
Although it started off very slow and not very accurate, they soon got into it, becoming quite accurate as they tapped into anger reserves and lobbed orbs at each other, often having them collide inbetween with a muddy splatter. As they began to try to dodge rather than block the attacks with their elements, I sunk them into some quicksand, forcing them to use their elements and telling them that sometimes in the real world, you may not be able to move (protecting someone, or having a broken leg, for example).
They both understood this, and began rapid firing at each other, one orb in each hand, rather than taking it in turns. This was great progress. Neither of them seemed upset at the other, which is just the sort of sparring I like to see.
Miss Freazon did try to lob a few water attacks at me, for seemingly no reason, which makes me wonder about her temper.
Miss Summers started trying to create a wall to protect herself, but the sandy substrate was inadequate and it crumbled quickly. I told her to stick with the mud for now, as silica is much harder to work with because it has no attractive forces to manipulate.

After they both got quite muddy and drenched, I called a halt and asked them a few questions about other creative uses for these orbs.
Miss Summers suggested using them to build a garden, and miss Freazon could not think of anything at all. Poor girl. I didn't push her for answers, in any case.
I believe they both have got the hang of those techniques rather well, and understand the defensive uses for them.

I will have to try to catch the other earth students soon and learn of their progress too.

-Routa Evastyr

Routa Evastyr
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