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Once Upon a Time

biggrin "Pilot"

For bail bonds collector Emma Swan, life has been anything but a happy ending. But when Henry – the son she gave up for adoption ten years ago – finds his biological mother in Boston on the night of her 28th birthday, everything changes. The 10-year-old Henry is in desperate need of Emma's help because he believes from reading a large book of fairy tales that she's the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming – who sent her away from the Enchanted Forest to be protected from a curse that was enacted by the Evil Queen. Emma initially refuses to believe a word of Henry's story, but soon finds that his hometown of Storybrooke, Maine is more than it seems. In Storybrooke all of the classic fairytale characters we know are frozen in time with no memories of their former selves – except for the Evil Queen, who is Storybrooke's mayor and Henry's adoptive mother Regina Mills. Now, as the epic battle for the future of both worlds approaches, Emma will have to accept her destiny and fight like hell. At the conclusion of the episode, Emma's decision to stay in Storybrooke causes the hands of the clock tower – which have been frozen at 8:15 – to move for the first time

biggrin "The Thing You Love Most"

As the people of Storybrooke begin to notice the hands of the clock tower moving, Regina sees Emma as a possible threat to her relationship with Henry and does everything in her power to force Emma into permanently leaving Storybrooke while the chilling circumstances of how the Evil Queen released her curse upon the Enchanted Forest are revealed along with the price she paid in order to do so. At the conclusion of the episode, Emma reconciles with Henry after being manipulated by Regina and burns the pages that contain her true identity while Regina suspects Storybrooke's wealthiest citizen Mr. Gold is aware of his true identity as the nefarious Rumpelstiltsken.

biggrin "Snow Falls"
At Henry's urging, Emma convinces his school teacher Mary Margaret Blanchard to visit a comatose John Doe at Storybrooke General Hospital and read to him from the book of fairytales – only for John Doe to wake up and escape – while the unexpected first meeting between Snow White and Prince Charming is revealed. At the conclusion of the episode, John Doe is rescued and taken back to the Hospital where Regina arrives with a woman named Kathryn Nolan, who claims that John Doe is her estranged husband David Nolan. Emma becomes suspicious as Regina has been John Doe's emergency contact and that his wife has just now reunited with him, but leaves the thought aside as she moves in with Mary Margaret.

biggrin "The Price of Gold"

Emma is hired by Mr. Gold to find pregnant teenager Ashley Boyd – only to help the expectant mother after learning that Ashley is in the center of a dangerous bargain – while a regrettable deal made between Cinderella and Rumpelstiltsken is revealed along with her desperate attempt to break the contract. At the conclusion of the episode, Ashley gives birth to a healthy baby girl whom she names Alexandra and Emma makes a deal with Mr. Gold: Ashley keeps her child on the condition that Emma promises to do a favor for Mr. Gold in the future. Ashley reunites with her ex-boyfriend Sean Hermann and Emma takes a deputy job from Storybrooke's handsome yet authoritative Sheriff Graham – who is engaged in a secret affair with Regina.

biggrin "That Still Small Voice"

Emma is deputized by Sheriff Graham, Mary Margaret begins to question if she has feelings for David and an earthquake causes a giant sinkhole to mysteriously appear near the town's edge – placing a curious Henry in danger when he decides to see if the sinkhole can link Storybrooke's citizens to the Enchanted Forest – while the backstory of Pinocchio's conscience Jiminy Cricket is revealed along with his yearning to transform into the person he wants to be. At the conclusion of the episode, Emma rescues Henry and Storybrooke's resident psychiatrist Archie Hopper from the mine after an aftershock trapped them inside. Mary Margaret later resigns from Storybrooke General Hospital out of fear after being confronted by David's romantic feelings and Regina throws a shard of glass she found down the mineshaft, where it's revealed the remnants of Snow White's glass coffin are buried.

biggrin "The Shepherd"

Emma learns about Sheriff Graham's affair with Regina and David is forced to choose between staying with Kathryn to start over and leaving her to start a relationship with Mary Margaret – with whom he has fallen deeply, and inexplicably, in love – while Prince Charming's backstory is revealed along with a life-changing event that forever altered his destiny ... and a secret deal made between his "father" King George and Rumpelstiltsken. At the conclusion of the episode, David remembers his "life" with Kathryn after seeing a windmill in Mr. Gold's pawnshop and returns home while Mary Margaret resumes her relationship with physician Dr. Whale.

biggrin "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter"

Sheriff Graham begins to remember his past life in the Enchanted Forest and Emma begins to consider if she's falling for Graham while the backstory of the Evil Queen's faithful Huntsman is revealed. At the conclusion of the episode, Graham ends his relationship with Regina and Emma gets into a scuffle with the Mayor. As Graham later tends to Emma's eye, Regina secretly returns to Storybrooke Cemetery and heads down a secret passage taking her underneath the Mills mausoleum, which bears a symbol on its exterior – the same symbol Graham saw in the book of fairytales when he went to see Henry. Regina enters the Queen's hidden vault and opens a cabinet containing the Huntsman's heart, which the Queen ripped out after learning that he failed to kill Snow White. Graham remembers his past life as the Huntsman after being kissed by Emma and is about to kiss her back but dies when Regina takes the heart and squeezes it so hard it crumbles to dust.

biggrin "Desperate Souls"

As the citizens of Storybrooke continue mourning Sherriff Graham's death, Emma makes her decision to run for Sheriff against corrupt Daily Mirror chief editor Sidney Glass and Regina engages in dirty politics with Mr. Gold while Rumpelstiltsken's backstory is revealed along with his attempt to track down the ultimate power source in order to help his young son Baelfire avert the horrors of the meaningless Ogre Wars. At the conclusion of the episode, Emma reveals to the entire town at the debate that Mr. Gold was responsible for the fire at City Hall and backs down from the race only to later discover that the citizens unanimously elected her Sheriff after seeing her stand up to Mr. Gold. Emma later finds Mr. Gold in her new office and questions him about the fire only to learn it's part of the favor she owes him – and that payment is soon approaching.

biggrin "True North"

Emma makes a desperate attempt to help young sibling runaways Nicholas and Ava Zimmer find their birth father before they're separated and sent into foster care while Hansel and Gretel's backstory is revealed along with a secret mission authorized by the Evil Queen to steal a prized artifact from the cannibalistic Blind Witch. At the conclusion of the episode, Emma manages to locate Ava and Nicholas' father Michael Tillman, a mechanic who is not eager to take them in. But he changes his mind and takes the two before they can leave Storybrooke. Emma later meets with Henry outside the Clock Tower and sees a mysterious figure in black ride into Storybrooke on a motorcycle – leaving her to wonder who "The Stranger" is.

biggrin "7:15 A.M."

As Regina and Emma both become suspicious about "The Stranger", David and Mary Margaret continue to grapple with their unrequited love while the events leading up to Prince Charming's wedding to King Midas' daughter Abigail are revealed along with Snow White's yearning to ease her breaking heart. At the conclusion of the episode, Emma discovers "The Stranger" is a writer and David learns Kathryn is not pregnant and later finds Mary Margaret at the diner. The two passionately kiss and begin a secret relationship unaware that Regina has witnessed their embrace.

biggrin "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree"

Emma finds herself enlisted by a dejected Sidney to help uncover evidence that could expose Regina's corrupt dealings and Mary Margaret continues to secretly meet David in an attempt to figure out a way to fulfill their love while the back story of the Magic Mirror is revealed along with his encounter with Snow White's father King Leopold and a forbidden romance with the Queen that may introduce divided loyalties. At the conclusion of the episode, Sidney and Emma become allies after Regina causes their plan to collapse by revealing the plans were to build a new playground in the woods. Regina then threatens Emma and orders her to stay away from Henry before meeting with Sidney, who she used to gain Emma's trust and now plans to get even. Emma tells Henry to put off their mission for a while and it's revealed that "The Stranger" has the book of fairytales in his possession.

biggrin "Skin Deep"

Emma suspects that Mr. Gold is planning to seek vigilante justice when someone breaks into his opulent house and Mary Margaret plans a special girls' night out on Valentine's Day with rebellious teenager Ruby and Ashley while a fateful deal made between Rumpelstiltsken and Belle is revealed – in which she gives up her freedom to save her town from the horrors of the Second Ogre Wars – along with a sudden romance and a chance encounter that may have fatal consequences. At the conclusion of the episode, Ashley accepts Sean's surprise marriage proposal and Emma rescues elderly florist Moe French from being assaulted by Mr. Gold – who Emma arrests after he refuses to give information. It's later revealed that Mr. Gold remembers his past life as Rumpelstiltsken and Regina has locked Belle – whose identity in Storybrooke is unknown – in a secret ward beneath Storybrooke General Hospital.

biggrin "What Happened to Frederick"
David finds his love for Mary Margaret growing stronger and finally agrees to end to his loveless marriage with Kathryn by telling her about his secret relationship while the events concerning Prince Charming's search for Snow White are revealed along with a dangerous mission authorized by Abigail to recover something precious that was lost to her. At the conclusion of the episode, Emma returns the fairytale book to Henry after finding it in the street near her car and Regina learns that Kathryn is leaving to attend law school in Boston. After learning that Kathryn left David a letter telling him to be with Mary Margaret, Regina breaks into the Nolan residence and steals the letter – which she burns later that night. Storybrooke's gym teacher Jim finds Kathryn's crashed car near the town limits ... and Kathryn missing.

biggrin "Dreamy"

While Mary Margaret attempts to become reaccepted by helping organize the Miner's Day Festival, resident troublemaker Leroy decides to help ambitious nun Astrid sell candles in order to save the Storybrooke convent and Emma investigates Kathryn's sudden disappearance while Grumpy's backstory is revealed along with his forbidden romance with the beautiful yet clumsy fairy Nova. At the conclusion of the episode, Leroy orchestrates a blackout that causes everyone at the Festival to buy all the candles. Leroy begins a slow but steady friendship with Astrid, Mary Margaret becomes reaccepted by the townspeople and Emma takes David into custody after becoming suspicious of his activity during Kathryn's disappearance.

biggrin "Red-Handed"

Emma makes a depressed Ruby her assistant in the hopes to help her discover what she's good at in life that and David continues to be questioned about Kathryn's disappearance – and possible murder – while the backstory of Red Riding Hood is revealed along with her yearning to run away with her true love and her village's encounter with a bloodthirsty wolf. At the conclusion of the episode, Ruby proves herself to Emma after finding a box containing a human heart near the toll bridge. Ruby then reconciles with Granny and Emma tells David about how she believes the heart was Kathryn's. Emma then reveals that the lid of the box had Mary Margaret's fingerprints, making her the prime suspect in Kathryn's demise.

"Heart of Darkness"

Emma is forced to arrest Mary Margaret for Kathryn's suspected murder, and Mr. Gold is hired to represent Mary Margaret as her attorney. Meanwhile, the events concerning Prince Charming's search for Snow White continue to be revealed along with his attempt to stop a determined and unhinged Snow – whose memory is still clouded by Rumpelstiltsken's potion – from assassinating the Evil Queen. At the conclusion of the episode, Emma becomes convinced that Regina is framing Mary Margaret and asks Mr. Gold to help her find the truth. Then Mary Margaret finds one of Regina's "skeleton keys" in her cell and escapes, risking her own freedom.

"Hat Trick"

Mary Margaret suddenly disappears without a trace and Emma is kidnapped by the psychopathic Jefferson – a man with an obsession for hats on the verge of madness – while the backstory of the Mad Hatter is revealed along with a secret mission authorized by the Evil Queen to travel to Wonderland and steal a prized artifact from the Queen of Hearts. At the conclusion of the episode, Emma rescues Mary Margaret from Jefferson – who disappears after being pushed out the window of his lavish mansion – and manages to get her back to the station in time for her arraignment. It's revealed that Regina made a deal with Mr. Gold to slip the skeleton key into Mary Margaret's cell and Emma starts to believe that the curse is real after seeing Jefferson's daughter Grace.

"The Stable Boy"

Mary Margaret faces her past as she is prosecuted by District Attorney Albert Spencer for Kathryn's supposed murder and Emma continues to search for evidence that will prove Mary Margaret's innocence while the event that caused the Evil Queen to loathe Snow White is revealed along the Queen's choice between betraying her mother Cora for true love or living a regal but loveless life by betrothing royalty. At the conclusion of the episode, Emma discovers the shovel in Regina's garage that was used to bury Mary Margaret's jewelry box has been replaced and learns of Sidney's betrayal after finding a bug in the vase of flowers he gave her as a gift. Emma later starts apologizing to August Booth – the real name of "The Stranger" – outside Granny's Diner when Ruby screams that a woman is in the back alley, prompting Emma to investigate and find a bedraggled but alive Kathryn.

"The Return"

As Mr. Gold attempts to uncover August's true identity, Emma confronts Regina about her involvement in Kathryn's disappearance. David attempts to reconcile with Mary Margaret while Rumpelstiltskin's back story continues to be revealed along with his son Baelfire's attempt to transform his Poppa back to human and restart a normal life. Finally, someone comes forth and confesses to Kathryn's kidnapping.

"The Stranger"

August promises to show Emma how she can defeat Regina in order to gain custody of Henry and Regina schemes to seduce David while a series of events – that occurred before the Evil Queen enacted her curse – are revealed in which the woodcarver Geppetto agrees to a plan that will save Snow White's daughter, but with a proviso that could also save his son Pinocchio.

"An Apple Red as Blood"

Regina devises a master plan to force Emma into leaving Storybrooke forever, and Henry pleads with Emma to continue her quest. In the other world the events surrounding Snow White's rescue of Prince Charming are revealed along with her plan to enlist the aid of her allies and defeat the Evil Queen once and for all.

"A Land Without Magic"

Regina forges an alliance with Emma in order to save Henry's life and Emma starts to believe in the Curse while the events surrounding Prince Charming's escape from the Evil Queen's Palace are revealed along with his attempt to reunite with a fallen Snow White. At the conclusion of the episode, Emma manages to kill the sorceress Maleficent – who has been forced to remain in her dragon form and locked away in the basement of the abandoned Storybrooke Public Library – and obtains the egg containing Rumpelstiltsken's potion for True Love. Gold then steals the potion and Emma returns to Storybrooke General Hospital with Regina as Henry is pronounced dead. Emma then kisses Henry on the forehead, breaking the Curse and causing everyone in Storybrooke to remember who they really are. Jefferson meanwhile breaks into the mental ward and frees Belle before sending her to Mr. Gold, who pours his True Love Potion into the Wishing Well. Snow reunites with Charming and Regina returns home alone as a purple cloud consumes the town and the hands of the Clock Tower strike 8:15.

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