So, I had made a deal to have a chair ordered that should be able to support me. However, it is not quite what I expected. It came yesterday, and before even assembling it, it looked like it was some kind of novelty chair. Now, fully assembled, it looks like a joke. It's hideous. Worst of all, it does NOT recline. I'm not sure how a store can get away with selling an office chair that does not recline, but it has left me in utter despair. I thought about sending it back, but repackaging everything would be ten times harder than unpacking it was. Despite this chair not working for me, I feel it could work for my brother, who prefers his chair in the locked, upright position. That leaves me without a chair though. I'll have to see if there's some way I can make another five hundred dollars to buy another chair, one that DOES recline.