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The Mythos of the Snake called Jor---WIP
When the world was first created, the creator spirits swept into the new land, designating areas for their own beliefs and creating their own followers of worship. It was during that time one of the creator gods had created the almighty sea monsters, the Leviathans of the deep. In his haste to create a male and female of every sort of creature imaginable in his hemisphere of the new world, the dread creatures of the deep came into existence. Carved from the rocks that lie far beneath the ocean themselves, the male and female stirred terror in the sea, boiling the waters in their wake as they began to discover their unholy powers.

Fearing the destruction of his side of the world, quite possibly others, the creator spirit decided that the monsters should not be allowed to multiply. He slew the female, taking her gigantic corpse and fed it to his nation of followers. Sensing that all was complete, he was content to allow the male to wallow in misery.
But the creator was too late. Shortly before she was slaughtered, the mother leviathan bore her children in the farthest, darkest corners of the ocean. Her nest lay hidden, nearly indistinguishable from the black rocks that surrounded them. It was when she breached the surface, needing to feast to replenish her strength that the creator god killed her. Her mate, grief stricken, opened his mouth to boil the ocean itself in his rage. Diving below the surface, he swam, hoping his precious offspring were still hidden from the watchful eyes of the creator.

The hatchlings, encouraged by the warmth from their father, escaped from their stone eggs. Four sons were born. Imbued with the knowledge of their parents, they fled under the water, never to be seen again. Each headed a different direction, fearing for their safety. The sooner they left the creator’s realm, the better chance they would have at survival.

One was covered in feathers, sparkling brightly as the rainbow, another, his scales were as white and mottled as the sea floor, another was encased in a black scales so dark, it appeared to swallow the light, and another, bright red that the water around him seemed to bubble and steam in his presence. Far and wide they swam, seeking safety in the other gods nations.

And thus, the story of the one they called Jörmungandr began.

The white snake, although ugly in appearance took to the north, where the fierce cold waters were full of whales and other gigantic creatures of the deep. The harsh climate toughened the snake and his powers began to develop as his coils swelled in size. The original northern gods, who had kindly taken him in as a small, starving serpent began to fear and loathe him. The leader, having his prize bait stolen by the gigantic hungry beast, could stand his presence no more. They banded together and drove him from their realm, hoping that he would devour himself and die.
But he was a son of the Leviathan. One of the monster beings that would threaten the very existence of the earth and doomed to die on the final day. Jörmungandr was not so easily driven to extinction. He soon found himself drifting to a land mass that had yet to be claimed by the creator gods. As he went south, he met up with his other brother, the one they called Quezetecoatal, who took pity on him, had shared the gift of flight.

When he found the It was small and no sky had formed over it, like the other nations had. In his weakened state, the gigantic Jörmungandr slithered on land, creating valleys with his coils as he moved. Fresh water began to pour in, creating lakes and streams and rivers where his coils touched the earth. He opened his mouth, sighing as a great fire like his father’s stormed the land. When the mystical fire hit the water, steam covered the land. The huge serpent arched his head, stretching towards the nonexistent heavens, hissing loudly. The vibrations from such a strong sound caused the earth to quake and tremble. Some of the land mass split into smaller islands.

The steam began to rise, forming clouds and a sky. Jörmungandr coiled himself up, creating a deep crater in the process. He burrowed into the earth seeking heat like his own, and was rewarded with the deep fiery magma. The snake was still very young and had not contended with such primal power, and by freeing the molten substance, it exploded with a powerful force, launching him into the sky, where he found himself swimming in the air, much like the sea. The volcanic ash was fertile in nutrients as it landed on the island. The great snake opened his mouth, watching drops of venom fall to the earth. There people arose, crying out in pain and devastation upon the new world they were created in. Taking pity upon the poor souls, the snake god swept his tail across the newfound sky, causing it to rain and calm the fires down. He bit the tip of his tail, causing drops of blood to hit the ground, and with that, trees and plants began to grow and flourish.

He dropped down from the sky, swimming back into the ocean, and rested his great head upon the shores. He hissed softly, encouraging them to come near and learn what he had to teach. When asking for a name to sing praises, the gigantic serpent hesitated. He learned to love his name, but despised the beings that had given it to him. Unable to answer, the leader, who had the fortune of being splashed with venom and blood, called him Damballah. The snake transformed himself into a smaller state, and the leader carried him, dancing in glory for his god and creator. However, the snake god was not content with that name but he could not bear to disappoint his new found people.

Over the years they gained wisdom from him, wisdom that he had snatched from the other gods, and reveled in his might as he sculpted animals from the dirt and treated the lesser snakes with utmost respect. There they build a shrine near the dormant volcano, where it could be seen from all ends of the island. His glowing eyes at night guided the longboats to safety. With him, the harvests were full and bountiful and they made sure he received plenty of sacrifices. Much to the snake god's dismay, he was unable to pass on his gift of serpentine tongue, although they were much better at hissing than anyone else in the land.

The fateful day came when the snake was commanded, as all the spiritual dieties of the time, to join in a heavenly feast. They were to bring along their sacred animals to be fed and taken care of with the nectre of the gods. It was here that the snake god sealed his doom and was never to be seen again by his followers.

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