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Clyde's Poetry Post
This is pretty much nothing but my poetry. If I post anything besides my poetry I will say in the post.
Raiden Kaminari
Raiden Kaminari
~Poseidon of the Storms~

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[ P e r s o n a l - D a t a ]

Full Name: Raiden Kaminari

Nicknames: Rai

Famous Shinobi Name: Poseidon of the Storms

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Accent: Slight Russian

Birth Date: 5/16

Loyalty: ANBU, Konogakure

Goal: Become Head ANBU

Nindo: “The village is what matters. My life is for them.”

Profession: ANBU

Homeland:Kaminari no Kuni

Current Residence: Konohagakure no Sato

Rank: B-Rank

Title: ANBU – Bear/Wolf

Clan: Kaminari

Kekkei Genkai: Ranton [Storm] Release

Personality/Mannerism: Raiden is the typical nice guy. He goes out of his way to help members of Konoha and to stop those who are trying to hurt it. He enjoys seeing everyone else happy, which brings a smile to his face.

Facial Features: Scars [shown in picture] are from his time in ROOT.

Physique: Muscular, slightly pale, bear tattoo on left arm, wolf tattoo on right arm.

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 147 lbs.

Personal Skill: Raiden is an excellent swimmer.

[ B l o o d - D a t a ]

Kekkei Genkai:
Ranton [Storm] Release – No stages


Storm Release has its origins in Kumo, where A's loyal jounin, Darui, belonged to this clan. In spite of its name, the bloodline allows users to make "lightning move like water," resembling lasers. As Kumo's most renowned clan, it likely contributed greatly to the nation's rise to power, both in the past and during the present.

[ T e c h n i q u e - D a t a ]

Chakra Color: Bronze

Elemental Alignments:

Suiton [Water]

Raiton [Lightning]

Ranton [Storm]

Jutsu Knowledge:

Primary Type:
Kekkai Genkai

Secondary Type:

Tertiary Type:

Total Jutsu Points: 53/53

Each Rank Has a Number Value. Add them all up (or a mod can).
E: 1
D: 2
C: 3
B: 4
A: 5
S: 6
SS: 8

Kekkei Genkei Techniques:
Laser Gun [C-Rank]
The user places his hands hands such that it looks like he's holding an imaginary gun. The bottom hand (holding the "handle" wink focuses the ranton chakra, which then is directed to the "trigger" hand. In such a fashion, the user can take aim and fire bolts at an enemy. Each costs chakra, with five shots using up the amount of your standard C-rank jutsu. Will the laser itself has no physical properties; it causes the surfaces it touches to burn. Metal, however, will reflect it.

Laser Pointers [C-Rank]
Forming a set of handsigns, four-inch lasers will extend from the user's fingertips. These can be used to extend the range of taijutsu strikes or to launch like senbon at the target.

Shining Clone [C-Rank]
The user forms some handsigns and steps aside, leaving, in their wake, a clone made of ranton chakra. As far as clones are concerned, it operates much like a Mizu Bunshin. However, when triggered by a handsign, it will release light, like a flashbang.

Laser Saber [B-Rank] [[Locked]]
The name is somewhat deceiving (but it rhymes!). After clasping their hands together, the user will pull them apart, forming a beam of light. Once formed, the beam can assume the physical shape of a weapon. It's fluid tendencies (thanks to water release) enable it some versatility in form as a combat weapon.

Hologram Clone [B-Rank]
The user forms some handsigns and steps aside, leaving, in their wake, a clone made of ranton chakra. Much like a Kage Bunshin, it can use a variety of the user's jutsu. With a handsign, they can be triggered to implode into a bunch of lasers, released in all directions.

Laser Circus [A-Rank]
The user creates several bright beams and shoots them at the enemy. A halo of bright energy spreads from the user's hands as this technique is activated. The beams are able to alter their direction after being shot, making it possible to strike multiple enemies with pinpoint accuracy, even bypassing hostages held in close proximity. The user can increase the number of missiles to a great amount to pin down an enemy.

Lights of Orion [A-Rank] [[Locked]]
The user forms several handsigns, causing a number of light orbs to fly up into the sky. When activated on a subsequent turn, the lasers will descended with greater intensity and are able to alter direction by the user's will. However, because they are difficult to control, the user's chakra reserve is likely to be taxed the more lasers they control directly after a target.

Laser Armor [Custom A-Rank]
The user forms several handsigns, incasing their body in ranton chakra. This causes most weapons (senbon, shuriken, kunai, etc.) to be deflected. Justus C-Rank and below (excluding doton nature) will be deflected as well. The user is slowed down while this technique is active; however, when it is deactivated, lasers are shot throughout the area. The user also has the option to remove small areas of the armor to shoot a laser.

Suijinheki [Water Encampment Wall][B-Rank]
Suiton • Suijinheki is a Ninjutsu utilizing the Water Element. The ninja will first do a string of hand seals and then proceed to blow out a jet of water from their mouth to act as a water barrier from incoming attack.

Kangekiha [Inspiration Wave][D-Rank]
Raiton • Kangekiha is a Ninjutsu utilizing the Lightning Element. Darui will first create a protective wall of water using his Suijinheki jutsu. He will then form the needed hand seal and emit a bolt of electricity into the water which will increase its defensive effectiveness and stun any targets who attempt to pass through.


Juuken Ryuu [Gentle Fist Style][C-Rank]
Juuken is fighting style utilized by Hyuuga clan members; it is the strongest style of Konoha. The Byakugan has a penetrating ability to see the tenketsu, the internal chakra coils system 361 pressure points. The clan member can use their fingers or palms to emit chakra to flow into their opponents body's at these precise points. When the hand draws close enough to strike, the clan member can stop or increase their opponent’s chakra flow. The internal chakra coils which spread throughout the body also wrap around the internal chakra producing organs. So if the internal coils are attacked, it also damages these internal organs. Because a ninja cannot train their internal body, such damage can be a critical hit for even a highly skilled ninja.

Byakugan [White Eye (Hyuuga Clan)][C-Rank]
Byakugan is the blood inheritance limit of the Hyuuga Clan. The Hyuuga clan was one of the founding noble families of Leaf village. The clan itself is said to be the ancestors of the Uchiha clan who possess the bloodline of the Sharingan eye. When the "Byakugan" is activated, the clan member gains an extra-sensory perception, which gives them penetrating sight and telescopic vision. This allows them to see the tenketsu; the internal chakra coils system 361 pressure points. This vision also grants the member a near 360° view of their surroundings, the higher the skill of the clan member, the further the distance from which they can sense incoming attacks. Unfortunately the vision does have a weakness, a small blind spot that extends outwards from the vertebra of the upper back.

The clan uses this ability in conjunction with their own chakra creating the Juuken (gentle fist) fighting style. The clan member can use their fingers or palms to emit chakra to flow into their opponents body's at the tenketsu points. When the hand draws close enough to strike, the clan member can stop or increase their opponent’s chakra flow. The internal chakra coils which spread throughout the body also wrap around the internal chakra producing organs. So if the internal coils are attacked, it also damages these internal organs. Because a ninja cannot train their internal body, such damage can be a critical hit for even a highly skilled ninja. The tenketsu serve as the connectors and exit points for the chakra pathways. So when they are stopped by the Hyuuga clan member, the ninja greatly loses his or her ability to utilize their chakra for jutsu.

Raiden had a Byakugan eye transplanted to replace his right eye during his beginning years as a ROOT member to help increase his chances of getting to his goal.



Kanashibari no Jutsu [ Temporary Paralysis Technique ] -D-Ranked-
A technique for physical restraint, quite as if the opponent had been tied in invisible steel ropes. This is a basic ninjutsu usable even by genin, but its intensity will vary greatly according to the user's level. In addition, depending on the user, the technique can be cast on every target at once, and won't fail a shinobi during his missions. This debilitates the victim for a short period of time, which allows the user to either strike again or, in some cases, take the target into custody.

Sairento Kiringu [ Soundless Murder Technique ] -B-Ranked-
As the name suggests, this technique is simply a very quiet method of killing an opponent, usually from behind with a blade. Additionally, because the user is very silent, it cannot be defended against. The user will often slit their opponent's throat, preventing any cry that might give them away. The Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist are said to be masters of this technique, and were even good enough to track and kill opponents through sound alone. The Hiding in Mist Technique was used by Zabuza in conjunction with this technique.

Jigyaku no Jutsu [ Time Reversal Technique ] -E-Ranked-
This technique puts the target in a state of reverse hypnosis, allowing them to remember details that they otherwise would not. The target will comply with interrogation, but seems to retain his or her personality while under hypnosis. For example, when the ANBU used this technique to bring back Naruto's memories about his conversations with Gennō, Naruto was more specific about the ramen he shared with the old man rather than their conversations, which the ANBU were asking about.

The technique was also used, without success, by an unnamed medical-nin to attempt to reverse Menma's amnesia. Menma's memories eventually returned without the aid of the Time Reversal Technique after the Konoha hospital was struck by lightning.

Shuryou no Kisochishiki [ Fundamental Knowledge of Hunting ]
Generally a good area for any ANBU to become skilled in. This training covers the basics (in the ANBU, considered above-average outside of it) of hunting and tracking. With this knowledge, a character can easily spot the signs of prey (man or beast) that have passed through the area, and can differentiate tracks from the same species (telling the difference between two shinobi's tracks, for example.) The signs must be recent (no longer than a day old) and weather conditions such as heavy rain will destroy the trail beyond what a character of this level can follow.

Waikyoku no Kisochishiki [ Fundamental Knowledge of Torture ]
This covers the basics of physical and mental torture. On the physical aspect, the ANBU learns various ways to cause large amounts of pain with little or no real damage. This is usually enough to convince the weak-willed to speak what they know, or confess that they know nothing. On the mental aspect, the ANBU learns various ways to agitate the prisoner's mind. The type of agitation depends on the character, but most either try to instill anger (in hopes that the prisoner lets slip a clue in their anger) or fear (likewise hoping for an unintentional slip of information.)

Ninpo: Shizukesa [ Ninja Art: Silence ]
Carrying out the necessary hand seals, the user’s hand is bathed in a black flame. Grabbing the target’s throat, a black serpent pattern is drawn on the victim. For the next 5 turns, the target is silenced, unable to carry out any manner of speech. Furthermore, an alternative version of this seal can be applied to other operatives. If the ANBU member threatens to reveal any secret information regarding the organization, the serpent seal activates poisoning and killing the member within minutes. This alternative seal can only be placed by the Anbu Head.

Waikyoku no Saimitsu [ Detailed Knowledge of Torture ]
Advanced training in torture and interrogation. This builds upon the prior training, introducing more effective methods to physically torture a captive as well as many different ways to break down a captive mentally. On the physical aspect, the Anbu learns to cause extreme pain while keeping the captive conscious and lucid. This easily breaks the weak-willed, and can erode the resistance of even one who has been trained against torture. On the mental aspect, the Anbu learns to read his captive's general personality and better tailor his attacks to the captive. The result is a much more personal, and much more effective interrogation, playing against the captive's mental weaknesses.

Shinkei Zoufuku no Jutsu [ Nerve Sensitivity Amplification ]
An advanced torture technique of the ANBU. This causes the sensitivity of the target's nerves to increase tenfold, such that the slight p***k of a needle is felt like the stabbing of a knife. Used to physically break captives, the effect lasts for one hour and may be used consecutively. Skilled Anbu have learned through previous training how to keep their captive conscious, so the target remains awake and very much in pain. Given enough time, this technique can break the will of most shinobi. This technique can also be used in combat; the Anbu must touch his opponent, and the effect lasts only for 3 posts. The effect, however, is the same.

[ E q u i p m e n t - D a t a ]

Headband Location: The headband is placed on his left glove. (Right Glove has the mark of The Twelve Guardians)

Headband Style: Gloves are dark blue. Metal is bright and taken care of.

Clothing: Red is replaced with a dark blue. Otherwise, everything is the same.

Cherished Items: Goggles belonged to his father. They do nothing special. (The goggles, THEY DO NOTHING!)

Special Weapons:

User Image

Umi’s Subeta [Sea’s Sword] ~ A-Ranked
Umi’s Subeta is a unique weapon belonging to members of ROOT who were able to use suiton and raiton chakras. The trident itself is able to absorb chakra from the user and do different things for it depending on the nature of the chakra. Raiden has been the first ranton user to wield the trident and has found that it has a new property for ranton chakra. The trident’s spikes themselves are very sharp, able to cut through the body with ease. Upon reaching the ANBU rank, Raiden opted to keep the weapon, having become proficient in its use.

Suiton: A five foot long whip made of water extends from the points of the trident. It can withdraw to a shorter length, but cannot extend past five feet.

Raiton: The trident becomes charged with electricity and shoots out a blast of concentrated lightning into the targets body. This will cause limbs to go numb and unusable (for 3 post). The range of the blast is three feet.

Ranton: When the trident becomes charged with ranton chakra, it will concentrate it into the three points and fire them out (much like the laser blast technique of the clan but more powerful and 3 times). It will dissipate within five feet.

Shinobi Weapons: [Erase what you don't have and add what you do]

This throwing knife is one of the common weapons of a ninja. It is often kept in a holster on the leg in a pouch attached to the belt. The Kunai can be used in conjunction with explosive tags and other weapons to form deadly combos.

Another common weapon, the shuriken is often kept in a holster on the leg or in a pouch attached to the belt.

Exploding Pouch:
A variation on the exploding note, these small pouches can be attached to a target and then explode a few seconds later.

This weapon is primarily used during escape, numerous makibishi are thrown on the ground and enemy soldiers will have a difficult time pursuing because the spiked metal can penetrate the sole of the shoe wear.

Exploding Note:
The exploding note is a piece of parchment paper which has script on it that serves to faciltate its explosive properties. The ninja can attach the note to another object such as a kunai or log. When the note is set it begins a slow burn which results in a large explosion.

Exploding Smoke Grenade:
When the pin is pulled on this grenade, the result is a large explosion and the release of smoke. This allows the ninja to carry out their maneuvers in secret.

Windmill Shuriken:
In its folded state, all four arms of the shuriken are folded together. When full unfolded the large shuriken can be thrown through the air causing great damage.

HyourouGan (Soldier Provision Pills):
When the soldier pill is swallowed, it allows the ninja to fight for several days without rest. The pill is full of proteins and a special stimulant that momentarily increases the ninja's chakra.

Concealed Mouth Ember:
When going into battle, a ninja may store a small combustible ember in their mouth. The ember must be bitten to be activated. The ninja can then spit the ember at a combustible substance to help ignite it.

Equipment: [What kind of gear do you bring on missions? Bells, Plasma Pills, Steel Wires, Needle Shooter, etc.]

Wire can be used in several situations. It can allow the ninja to create trip wire explosive traps, it can be used in rappelling, or as a method to tie down and restrict the movement of an opponent.

A file is normally hidden within the clothing of the ninja, if captured, the file can be withdrawn from its secret location to file and cut through metal.

When the ninja wants to avoid putting themself directly in the possible line of attack, they can use the mirror to peak around corners to ensure the path is clear.

ANBU Bear Mask

[ H i s t o r i c a l - D a t a ]

Family Member(s): Father[Deceased], Mother[Deceased]

Friends: Kakashi Hatake

Enemies: Anyone threatening Konohagakure

Romantic relationships: Hasn’t found anyone.

Religious philosophy: Do good in life and you’ll be rewarded greatly.

Political/social philosophy: We got this.


Raiden was born in the Hidden Cloud village to two people who both carried the ranton chakra. Neither were very prominent members in the clan so there was no high status. Raiden learned a little about his clan before the academy, but he nothing special. He had a pretty average childhood.

When Raiden finally joined the academy, he was a bit older than the other students but he took to it like a dog to peanut butter. However, he still wasn’t that good. He made it his top priority to train day and night to make it to the top of his class for graduation. After many months of training, he graduated at the number two spot. Despite not making his goal he still had a smile the whole time.

Raiden was placed on a squad with the one person who graduated above him from the academy. This only fueled his need to get stronger and get better. He placed five pound weights on his ankles to increase his speed and strength. He trained night and day to get better, to one day beat him. During a training match, Raiden had got the upper hand and defeated the top ranked member. Having accomplished this, it was time to take on the chuunin exams.

During the chuunin exams, Raiden was the oldest one there. It was being held in Kumogakure at the time so everyone was gathered in his home village. It was at this time he met shinobi from Konohagakure, members of ROOT. They were far more organized than the ANBU of Kumogakure and knew what was going on. He looked up to them. Upon completing the chuunin exams and advancing in rank, he left Kumogakure to join Konohagakure. They accepted him with open arms, Konohagakure being known for accepting people. He trained harder again, his mind set on making ROOT and getting to be an ANBU member.

Raiden’s time in ROOT was short-lived. Having trained hard all his life to get where he wanted, he knew how things operated. It was a momentus achievement for him, but he wasn’t going to stop there. After meeting Kakashi Hatake, he knew he was going to be someone to model his life after. He quickly made it to the ANBU league without much hassle.

Raiden now resides in the ANBU rank under the Bear (destruction) division, while receiving training in the Wolf (torture) division as well. He is now placed in a squad, training under Kakashi Hatake.

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