I've been having like really bad sleeping problems.
I mess up my medication like sometimes I don't take my medication and sometimes I do.
I am worried about my insurance not covering my hospital bills.
Uhh well I need to start paying only like a fee of the half of my pills but my mom and dad are there for me to help me out.
I am turning 19 in June which hopefully I can get myself on my feet.
I probably won't be on over the April Vacation because I need to things that involve me getting a job.
I have to get the port from Chemotherapy out of my arm which I'm seeing my doctor next month(may) which is good hopefully she won't bring up another excuse saying oh I need to get another Cat Scan cuz I know that the cancer isn't coming back and plus I went through 6 months of Chemotherapy which was awful because it made me week, I had chills like shivering like a tiny kitten would do.
Yeah I really need sometime away from US because I'm stressing alot of maybe away from Massachusetts.
They put me in horrible school that made me have bugs, that had mold on the walls which the walls weren't clean anyway and yet I was puking when I went into Middle School.
In High School I was just bullied but yeah that all stopped once my cancer came.
I thought I was a broken girl inside because of the sickness and the bulliness.
It was awful.
We all had our bully days but now we have do deal with heath issues, getting a job, getting our permits, and such.
It's stressful but sometimes we just laugh it all out and say it was all in the best but the current would get worse or better depends.