Move out.
Make homemade chocolate.
Go swimming in the rain.
Be in 2 places at once.
Buy a bunny and name it Philip.
Dye my hair blue.
Work in a flower shop.
Meet Chris Martin.
Learn to play the piano.
Get married to the person I'm in love with.
Have a baby.
Do the cinnamon challenge.
Upload a video on Youtube.
Hug a random person.
Hold up a sign that says "Free Hugs" at the beach.
Watch the sunset on the beach with someone special.
Make rice crispy treats.
Go to a drive through and pay for the person behind me.
Try eggnog.
Get a real Christmas tree.
Meet Bri5ar and her brother.
Meet Jordork.
Slap Bri5ar's mum in my mind.
Meet Justin and his family.
Meet Regan and her family.
Play chubby bunny with someone special.
Never drink alcohol or smoke.
Have a random group of people ask me to take their picture.
Take a picture of Regan doing a cart wheel on the beach.
Get a natural nosebleed.
Make a baby smile.
See a Broadway play.
Run a marathon.
Grow my hair out past my chest and then donate it to Locks of Love.
Kiss underwater.
Get a henna tattoo.
Build a fort.
Plan a surprise party for someone.
Have a picnic in the park with my best friend(s)/the person I'm in love with.
Spend an entire day watching disney movies with the person I'm in love with.
Be in a film.
Get my driver's license.
Graduate High school.
Go to Disney Land with my brother.
Go to Paris with the person I'm in love with and put our names on a lock and lock it on the Pont des Arts, Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor or the Pont de l'Archevêché bridges.
Own a semi crappy Ford pick up truck.
Donate blood.
Make a Wish at the Trevi Fountain.
Slow dance with someone special along to the song Forever Young by Alphaville.
Have a pet hedge hog.
Have a pet turtle.
Have a pet snake.
Wear a shirt that says “Life” and pass out lemons to strangers.
Make something of myself.
Get baptized.
Follow a rainbow.
Make someone's life easier.
Get my acceptance letter to Hogwarts.
Dress up as Marceline from Adventure Time.
Ice skate to Blow by Ke$ha.
Some how buy this hoodie even though it sold out a long time ago.
See the Northern Lights.
Attend a costume party for Halloween, and not be a wimp when it comes to the costume part.
Make homemade pizza.
Go camping.
Go to a Coldplay concert.
Have my parents meet my kid(s).
Cut my hair a different style on impulse.
Do Ellen's Dance Dare.
Catch fireflies and put them in a jar.
Watch Love and Other Drugs.
Pet a dolphin.
Pet a sting ray.
Dance with my Dad at my wedding.
Live to see cancer cured.
Become fluent in a second language.
Adopt a child.
Eat a jelly filled donut.
Go to the Cinema and watch a movie alone.
Learn how to play the Ukulele.
Take a cooking class.
Have a snow ball fight.
Make a snow man.
Kiss under the mistletoe.
Have a pet chinchilla.
Have a pet fish.
Have a pet hermit crab.
Visit Times Square.