it seems like every april i have this crazy gaia nostalgia attack
last year i worked it into an artproject which i kind of abandoned (and still feel pretty dickish about)
not feeling that ambitious this year
but I'm totally down for some self reflection in my little used g-diary
self reflection seems to be all I'm down for these days
If I was more dramatic I might even be saying I'm going through an existential crisis
buuut I'm not
still doesn't change the fact that stuff has caused me to seriously question everything from my web habits to my academic future.

It's pretty sad and a little weird that I still spend as much time as I do on here
especially considering I don't have anyone I regularly talk to outside of the forums

now I really can't sulk on that
I've met hundreds of really cool people
and I have so many great memories
but after all this
I realize just how much I've missed out on
and it's pretty shocking
but I guess that's the price you pay for being a self-absorbed attentionwhore

I've been trying to make friends offline for awhile now
maybe I need to be less of an apathetic b***h on here too