I already know that I'm messed up.
You don't have to remind me so many times.
I already know that I'm not good.
You don't have to be that way to me.

What I'm trying to say is.
We are not all perfect.
We don't have to give everyone frowns just cause we are unhappy.
We don't have to give them attitudes just cause we are tired.
Just a simple smile and being kind will do.

I know I'm not experiences in so much things yet, and I may be young, but I do still
have a heart of a child, and I also still do get hurt by things and cry.
Doesn't mean I'm a little baby.
It just means I can express my emotions freely as much as I want.

I may not know how to tell someone what is right but I can tell you what I know.
Just little by little everyone is growing up.
It just takes time and a little patients.

Just like me.
I have things that I need to improve.