Hm, wow! Quite near a whole month since a journal?? Man, time has been soarin'! Well not much has changed. You know, except the fact that I've become even more of a brony since last journal, I've found basically an endless pit of amazing music, I'm most likely learning guitar soon, my piano skills are gonna break through the school roof with a new music book I got, Ive been doing alright academically, kinda faltering, but Ill get right back on track this quarter, and I havent got much else! Just a quick update journal, nothing special. So, I bid this journal come to a close, and this night, ado!

Journal 203

Holy crap! Past 200 journals? Man, what a milestone! But what does it matter, no one actually reads these things! Meh, whatever, I just cant believe I didn't have a little celebratory journal for it! So heres to this second hundred milestone! And heres to another 100 more!