SO i come home after school friday and i'm tired and cold! yea it's been cold the past few days here and dreary too.. I just wanna take a hot shower and nap for a couple hours. Lo and behold my sis with her boyfriend playing tickle games on the couch with nutshells thrown ALL over the darn place! WTH!!!! stressed

I open the door and all i can hear is "Ow my hair! Stop doing that! Giggle Giggle Giggle!!
Our house has a nice voyuer.. kinda. More like a hallway at the front door. But i turn into the living room and there they be.. Buzz Aldrin *thats what i call him and no i dont actually know how to spell his last name* .. all over my sister. Her legs up in the air trying *i use that word lightly* to kick him off and his hands.. just roaming all over her waist and thighs.
I think to myself. OK! this is out of hand. I can already see his "you know what" trying to POP out like some accidental porno opening. Oh boy now i have to get the hose and spray the hormones off these two. I drop my keys on the table next to me.. and of course.. they stop and look at me like deer caught in headlights. OH MY!! We've been caught!

"Right... Now please get off my sister and clean this house up before i kill both of you!!"

Sis knows me better.. she takes her time letting him off and gets him to clean up for her.

She comes upstairs to join me in my lovely quiet room..
and turns on my stereo!? WTH!! evil
*i hate lil' wayne, his voice is so annoying*

Why do you always have to ruin my fun?
*she asks me*

Why do you have to let guys molest you on moms couch? *i ask*
..and make a mess?
BTW whats with all the nutshells out there?

OMG she blushes! no way.. did i just see that?

I can only imagine what is going on through her head at this time and i almost wanted to shoot myself for having the thought.

She goes on to tell me that Bryan *aka buzz aldrin* told her a story about how girls can learn to go down on a guy better by practicing strength training with their tongues. Case in point the cherry stem trick.

As he put it apparently girls can get a good tongue workout by trying to crack nutshells with their tongues..

yea turns out they turned themselves into giant nutcrackers for a few hours before getting tired *or so they say*

If you were so tired then why were you two about to do the nasty on moms couch? * i ask *

We weren't going to do anything. *.. not a believer am i*

THats what you say now.. * i says to her*

*Ok ill shorten this up* .. No you cant have sex yet you're too young and tell your bf to go home and go do your homework!

But after all this i still wonder.. What the hell was going through buzz's mind when he thought this rediculous idea up?
NVM!! scratch that statement!!

blech* Nutshells... really?!