If a person is upset make them feel better as they can see that they have family and friends like you do.
Bullying is one thing to always remember.
It's not fair to bully someone if they didn't do anything to you.
People go through alot of Depression and then start to cut.
That's not a good answer either, it leads to suicide.
Suppose you wanted to talk with them and and hang out with them either if it's at a concert, the mall, or at the movies.
Either way they wouldn't be able to think about killing themselves or getting themselves.
I have friends saying they want to cut themselves.
I do would like to become a counselor after I try to get my GED because I wanna help people out and I'm that type of person who doesn't like to see others getting bullied.
I was pressured into making fun of other people.
I was friends with this kid was who was friends with my friend Michael and he liked a really cool band called Lamb Of God which I still listen to them but yeah this girl was bullying me and my friend Carl.
I didn't mean I was gonna threaten her but she took my money and stuff.
I didn't hurt her at all but she made me upset.
Though I fought through and I was the one who protected everyone else as she was attacking me.
This was around back in 2008, the same year my girlfriend pass away.
She lived in Virginia which on the day of my sister's birthday she collapsed on the ground at a baseball field in Kentucky.
I read it online my computer and was crying and upset.
I was shocked but now I know that everything bad happen that same year.
It was scary but I also was going to Youth Group with friend but also ToWriteLoveOnHerArms really tells me something that when I was beaten and bruised I felt that I was stronger but I am still gonna be on this year till then.
I went through everything but yes these worls are powerful to make me feel better.

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