Gaia name: Greatdman15

Character name: Allister Takame

Occupation: 2nd Lt. Empire Pilot

Age: 17

Country: Empire

History: Allister had always been into mobile suits, especially because of his parents. One day his parents were killed by a stray blast from a Gundam who was fighting on the side of the New Republic. After witnessing their deaths, Allister despised the New Republic and wanted to get his revenge. Years of studying mobile suits and learning how to pilot them, Allister learned how to build them. He soon created his Epyon and his Viper RX with the help of the Empire. Being a newtype, he can pilot them with ease. He was born in the United States but has studied Japanese, but only to a certain degree.

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Personal belongs:
-A pair of black and red gloves with the number 15 on them.
-A sword carved out of the same material as his Knightmare Frame.

Personality: Allister is only nice to those in the Empire and is quick to attack any New Republic lackies. Allister has no remorse for the people who killed his parents and this remorselessness is what drives him to destroy anyone who gets in his way or the Empires way.

Likes: Music, Girls, Battling
Dislikes: The New Republic

Mech Unit:

Gundam name: Epyon
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Weapons on Gundam:
-Chain Whip

Dimensions: [N/A]

MA Mode:
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2nd Mech Unit:
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KNIGHTMARE TYPE: 8th Generation Knightmare Frame
- 2 Slash Harkens (Chest Mounted)
-Neo Maser Vibration Sword
-Raiko Shotgun
- Crew: 1
- Height: 9 Meters
- Weight: 10 Metric Tons
- Power Plant: Yggdrasil Drive
- Optional Equipment:
-Energy Filler
- Yggdrasil Drives: Knightmare Frames are powered by the Yggdrasil Drive, a fictional energy source. Its centerpiece is a Sakuradite device called the Core Luminous where in a cube of unknown composition is weightlessly suspended. The centerpiece may also contain some kind of liquid, bubbles could be seen rising before the activation of the Core Luminous. The cube revolves at high speeds during a state of drive activation known as Yggdrasil Resonance, apparently involved in the conduction of electricity. The drive is recharged through a Sakuradite energy filler.

- Druid System: Plots trajectories of enemy units and projectiles around the Knightmare applying the system. This allows for the pilot to strategically predict how enemies and weapons are used on the battle field and react accordingly. Unlike the Shinkiro, the TYD10-X18999 uses the system for mid to close ranged combat applying the data at a faster rate to keep up with fast paced combat.

- Cockpit Ejection System: The Cockpit Ejection System is a system that disengages the cockpit from the Knightmare Frame using rocket boosters, typically they have an IFF Transponder installed. The system can be manually activated, or if the Knightmare sensors believe that the pilot's life is in danger, it will automatically eject.

-Able to transform into a dragon-like jet, similar to Epyon's vehicle mode. This mode is good for long distance traveling as well as aerial combat.